Broxo produces water softening (regeneration) salt for water softening installations. The efficiency of water softening installations is largely dependent on the quality of the salt used. Broxo has developed very pure regeneration salts for all types of domestic and industrial water softening installations as well as for laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Compact and extremely pure
Broxo’s regeneration salts are renowned for being compact and extremely pure. Thanks to a unique production method Broxo salt dissolves evenly and gradually to form a flawless brine solution during the regeneration cycle without any ‘mushing’, even after long periods in the brine tank. As a result, not only is the water softening effect more efficient but the system requires less maintenance.

Best quality
Broxo’s products are of the highest quality, comply with all relevant international requirements, are free of contaminants and are hygienically packed.

€ 11,35 /bale Excl. VAT