The ultimate professional cleaning system

Qleaniq offers a series of exceptionally high-quality brushes, brooms, squeegees and scrapers especially for the professional food sector. All the products are 100% plastic and will last five to ten times longer than the ‘normal’ quality. That’s a money-saver.

The right tool for every cleaning task

The wide range includes floor sweepers and scrubbers, bottle brushes and dustpan and brush sets (with a long or a short handle), squeegees and scrapers. In fact, the right tool for every sweeping or scrubbing task. All the products are designed to be exceptionally user-friendly and ergonomic. Do you need something that is not (yet) included in our range? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Unique 10-colour system for hygiene

Qleaniq’s coloured sweeping and scrubbing range isn’t only attractive it’s also extremely functional. The unique 10-colour coding helps you work hygienically and prevents cross-contamination. It’s the simple way to comply with the HACCP standards. The colour system (white, blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange, mauve, grey and brown) is easily understood by everyone.

The easy way to comply with the EU food-safety regulations

Everyone involved with food production, processing or preparation is obliged to comply with food-safety regulations. The Qleaniq sweeping and scrubbing range makes compliance with the latest EU regulations very easy. All the products are made in Denmark and checked by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Migration tests to see whether the materials transfer any colour, taste or other substances to food are carried out on a regular basis.

A well organised storage system

Being well organised enables you to work more effectively and efficiently. Our smart wall hanging system ensures all the brushes and other tools and materials are stored tidily and can be seen at a glance. Simply fix the rails to the wall and add the coloured plates with hooks. Everyone can see what should be hung where. Brushes and brooms dry faster, materials remain neat and tidy and everything can be found very easily.

Banishing bacteria

Moulds and bacteria live on a damp surface. Which is why drying brooms and other sweeping and scrubbing tools is important. After use remove as much water as possible so the tools dry quickly (our wall storage system speeds the process). Disinfect and sterilise the products regularly so they stay in good condition and will last longer.

Efficient and professional shadow boards

Even more organisation and efficiency wanted? Then opt for a shadow board. The colour-coded drawings on the board indicate precisely which tool should hang where. This reduces the chance that tools will be ‘lost’! The shadow boards, which can be printed with your own company logo for an even more professional look, will be available shortly.

Een selectie uit ons uitgebreide borstelwerk-assortiment

Qleaniq® handschep, red

Product code 12-15107-3
€ 7,37 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Sweeper, handveger, extra zacht, white

Product code 12-10254-1
€ 7,11 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® washing-up brush, zacht, gespleten vezel, 270x47mm, red

Product code 12-10202-3
€ 5,43 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® handborstel, hard, 275x70mm, geel

Product code 12-10548-4
€ 7,74 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Shovel, 270mm, blue

Product code 12-14103-2
€ 47,39 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® pijpenborstel, medium, 500x10mm, purple

Product code 12-10750-8
€ 5,43 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® tankborstel, medium, 200x120mm, green

Product code 12-27134-5
€ 15,38 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® nagelborstel, medium, 110x45mm, orange

Product code 12-15060-7
€ 4,13 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® handschep, blue

Product code 12-15105-2
€ 4,25 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Hanging system, 470mm, orange

Product code 12-15155-7
€ 22,45 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Spatula, 250x110mm, green

Product code 12-15109-5
€ 6,78 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Scrubbing brush, hoekschrobber, purple

Product code 12-20155-8
€ 22,04 /Stuk Excl. VAT