Douwe Egberts (DE) has been trading in and processing coffee, tea and other foods since 1753 when Egbert Douwes established the brand in a small grocer’s shop in Joure in the Dutch province of Friesland. Today a Dutch supermarket, household or catering establishment without Douwe Egberts would be unimaginable and the coffee and tea products of D.E. Master Blenders 1753 are also available in over 45 other countries.

Other brands
After various acquisitions Douwe Egberts now also supplies a number of other worldwide brands including Pickwick, Kanis en Gunnink, Van Nelle, Piazzo d’Oro, Moccona, Cafitesse, Coffee Company, Laurentis and Senseo.

Small farmers
In 2002 Douwe Egberts set-up the Douwe Egberts Foundation – a sustainability initiative that encourages entrepreneurship among small coffee and tea farmers. By improving the quality and sustainability of their production process these small farmers improve the quality of their harvest and, as a result, gain a stronger economic and social position. The coffee and tea produced by these farmers can be recognised by the independent UTZ Certified hallmark on the packaging.

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