Collect used cups and drinks glasses efficiently with our practical cup collectors. Stand a cup collector in a strategic position and when used cups are dropped into the openings they will stack neatly into columns (which take up far less space than loose cups). When the cup collector is full simply take of the lid and put the stacked cups ready for recycling in a garbage bag. Our offering of cup collectors for both indoor and outdoor use ranges from a compact model for in your office, shop or showroom to a robust container holding 1.000 cups and/or glasses for use at festivals and events. If you want to opt for fully sustainable choose the extremely strong cardboard cup collector that is itself 100% recyclable.

Cup collector , cardboard, 80cm, Brown .

Product code 451952
€ 149,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Vepa Bins Cup collector , plastic , Grey.

Product code 23-31005086
€ 84,75 /Stuk Excl. VAT