Gift packaging

Gift packaging for the autumn

Have you already decided how you are going to package gifts this autumn? Let yourself be inspired by our new collection of gift packaging based on the latest trends and innovations. Our trend-watchers have once again gathered ideas from around the world and translated them into packaging materials with both familiar and excitingly-new colours, materials, styles and designs. With a carefully thought-out concept and amazing packaging lines this year you can mix & match your own, differentiating packaging concept.

An (almost) endless collection of inspiring gift packaging

We have everything you need to make your gift wrapping fast and festive.

This year you can choose from four different styles of Christmas Box boxes: luxurious, atmospheric, cheerful or sparkling. Bottles of wine, spirits, liqueurs and special beer will feel right at home in our original wine boxes and packaging made of Kraft paper, cardboard, wood and zinc. Our wooden gift packaging items are often gifts in their own right.

Make packaging small gifts fast rather than frustratingly-fiddly with our envelope bags, gondola boxes, pop-up boxes, gift boxes, gift bags and carrier bags. With the help of filling material, tissue paper, wrapping film and decoration material you can make your gift packaging irresistible and – although that’s possibly not quite the intention – too beautiful to open.

Give Sinterklaas a hand with wrapping! In our webshop you will find endless possibilities for combining packaging to create perfect Sinterklaas gifts.


Go to town on your Christmas Box. Dare to be different!

Dare to be different this year. Rather than giving your employees and/or contacts the same old package of gifts, be creative and think ‘out of the Christmas box’.

Our webshop is full to the brim with inspiring products and materials for creating unique Christmas boxes, Sinterklaas boxes, party boxes and gift boxes. Start as you mean to go on with an original container, such as an on-trend bamboo basket, a hip steel wire basket, a vintage zinc bucket, a gift box in the shape of a hat box or an amazing paper gift bag.

Nestle your festively-wrapped gifts and delicacies on a layer of wood-wool, paper-wool or coloured SizzlePak®, wrap the entire package in transparent film and add a beautiful finishing touch with matching labels, fast-bows, ribbons, tags, corsages or other decorations.


All you need is LOVLY®

Our inspiring LOVLY range of packaging has become a hit in many shops. This contemporary concept includes a number of complete packaging series each with its own style and ambiance.

Select the LOVLY style that reflects the look and feel of your shop and then decide which of the packaging and decoration items within the style you need. Gift-wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags gondola boxes, ballotins, gift boxes, food packaging bottle packaging, carrier bags, ribbons, tags and stickers… the choice is (almost) endless. This makes selecting your own, unique mix & match line of gift packaging very easy. With LOVLY in-house you will have everything you need.


This autumn creativity is central

A gift isn’t really complete until it’s beautifully wrapped. Could you do with some new ideas for wrapping and decorating your Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts?

If you could why not register for one of our creative and inspiring wrapping workshops and discover the latest packaging tips & tricks. Our styling expert will teach you how to wrap efficiently, quickly and first and foremost beautifully, so this autumn you can amaze your customers with your original gift packaging.

Inspiration needed in the interim? Take a look at the wrapping tips page in our webshop, it’s full of original, exciting, practical and on-trend wrapping ideas for special festivities and occasions.


Send everything safely with SendProof®

Do you have a webshop or do you often mail products? We carry a wide range of clever mailing packaging produced by the quality brand SendProof.

From bubble padded envelopes to mailing tubes, from letter-box boxes to mailing boxes, from book packaging to garment bags and from cool boxes to beer and wine boxes for mailing up to twelve bottles. To provide extra protection when mailing products we offer various types of filling material as well as warning stickers, such as ‘This side up’ or ‘Breakable’. It’s all aimed at ensuring your autumn gifts will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

A selection from our extensive range of gift packaging

Basket, Corn, Ø29.5cm, 20cm, round, natural

Product code 436399
€ 3,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Wine box, Cheers, wood, 2 bottles , 100x350x200mm

Product code 479231
€ 5,50 /piece Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 30cm, 200m, Leafs, roze/Goud

Product code 349503
€ 35,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Ribbon, 10mm, 250m, zwart/Wit/Goud

Product code 711327
€ 6,75 /packet, 3 roll Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Bag, Cadeauzak, Paper, 25/ 12x40cm, A gift for you, white

Product code 242647
€ 17,50 /packet, 25 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Label, Paper, 50x43mm, black/Gold

Product code 548231
€ 9,95 /roll, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Basket, 39x24x15cm, oval, black

Product code 436404
€ 6,50 /piece Excl. VAT

SizzlePak® Filling material, Paper, 1,25kg, white

Product code 391509
€ 19,95 /box Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift box, Cardboard, 30x21x8cm, assorted

Product code 496931
€ 16,75 /shrink, 10 pcs Excl. VAT

SendProof® Bierverzenddoos, Corrugated cardboard, 6 bottles , brown/Black

Product code 385208
€ 6,95 /bundle, 5 pcs Excl. VAT

Basket, Bamboo, 40x39.5x15.5cm, oval, natural

Product code 436395
€ 9,95 /piece Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift box, Confetti, Cardboard, 20cm, Ø25cm, black/Gold

Product code 496914
€ 6,50 /piece Excl. VAT