Herring packaging

Give an old-style Dutch tradition a new-style look

Why use a plain white fish wrapping sheet when, for the same cost, you can offer your customers an original, eye-catching packaging? Because, let’s face it, the eye also wants a treat and with this tasteful presentation your customer’s herring will be eaten in a trice. This exceptional range combines tradition and a typical Dutch ambiance with a cheery and contemporary design.

A complete fish experience

With this original range of herring packaging you have everything in house for a complete fish experience. In addition to fish bags, fish sheets and boxes we also offer serviettes, lemon hand wipes, cocktail sticks, T-shirt carrier bags and matching beach flags and bunting. Don’t miss a good catch – take a look at what we’re offering in our webshop right now.

We make sure your customers will bite

Do you want to tempt customers with outstanding packaging? We make sure they will bite. Our Fresh Seafood range includes all kinds of attractive and practical fish packaging. With this herring packaging we’ve taken a different tack. The result: a contemporary, provocative design for he (or she) who dares to stand out.

The crème de la herring

We believe in the added-value of packaging as a marketing tool. A packaging can stand out and demand attention for your products. That’s why we’re constantly thinking-up new packaging solutions and designs. We promise you the best. And a great tradition, such as eating herring, certainly deserves a great eye-catching, contemporary packaging.

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A selection from our extensive herring rang


Napkin, 1-ply, 33x33cm,

Product code 610270
€ 3,95 € 1,95 /packet, 100 pcs € 2,36 (incl. VAT)
€ 38,85 /packet, 1200 pcs € 47,01 (incl. VAT)

Container, PS, K9+1, a-container, 203x95x36mm, blue

Product code 441033
€ 47,95 /box, 1000 pcs € 58,02 (incl. VAT)

beachflag -haringhappen- 50x176cm

Product code 830817
€ 59,00 € 44,50 /piece € 53,85 (incl. VAT)

Container, PS, fish platter, 198x80x15mm, blue

Product code 441130
€ 51,95 /box, 1000 pcs € 62,86 (incl. VAT)

Catering box, Cardboard, 190x125x45mm, Haring, red/White/Blue

Product code 472230
€ 34,95 € 22,70 /box, 100 pcs € 27,47 (incl. VAT)

vlaggenlijn papier 10mtr -haringhappen-

Product code 989380
€ 3,95 € 2,75 /piece € 3,33 (incl. VAT)

Sheet, Paper+kst, 32x40cm, red/White/Blue

Product code 359690
€ 24,95 € 16,10 /packet, 10 kg € 19,48 (incl. VAT)