Wooden beer and wine packaging with laser engraving

Your own laser-engraved wooden packaging for beer or wine

Are you going to give your clients and other business relations a gift of beer or wine this year? If you are, why not be guaranteed a unique gift packaging by having natural wood beer crates, beer wheelbarrows, beer racing cars or traditional wine boxes laser-engraved with your own company name and/or logo or a personal message. You do not have to order large quantities – depending on the model we will laser engrave your wooden beer or wine packaging when you order just two, five, eight or fourteen pieces. And you will not have to wait a long lime to receive your laser-engraved packaging – it will be delivered to you within seven working days.

Only advantages

  • From just two pieces
  • Your own design
  • Keen prices
  • High quality
  • Simple ordering
  • Fast delivery (seven working days)

From just two pieces

Paardekooper is the address for ordering laser-engraved wooden beer and wine packaging in small quantities.

We supply your wooden packaging at very keen prices in units of 2, 5, 8 or 14 pieces per design, depending on the model. You can, of course, order larger quantities on request. Our inexpensive, laser-engraved beer and wine boxes are high-quality, ordering them is very simple and, thanks to the short delivery time, just seven working days after ordering you will have your laser-engraved packaging in house.

Three models for beer and one for wine

If you are giving gifts of beer or wine opt for one of our original boxes made of natural wood.

Our beer boxes come in three playful and eye-catching versions: a stylish beer crate, a sturdy beer wheelbarrow and a rugged beer racing car. They all have their charm and your own laser engraved design on one side will make them unique. If it’s a unique packaging for bottles of wine you need we have a traditional wooden box with a sliding lid that holds one bottle. Your laser engraving will be on the lid.

The content of your laser engraving is entirely up to you. Will you opt for subtle and refined by having just the outline of the letters or logo engraved? Or will you go for a more robust filled-in look?

Technical specifications for your own design

Lasering wood creates a single-colour engraving. Black & white logos and single colour logos are ideal for laser engraving. Logos containing more colours and/or overlapping areas are more difficult to make clearly legible using laser engraving.

The easy way to check for yourself whether your coloured logo is suitable for laser engraving is to convert it into black & white. You will see immediately which areas overlap each other and, as a result, merge together. The solution is to create small spaces between the areas so the overlapping sections are separated. What is important is to ensure that the engraved areas are surrounded by a closed line and that there are no double lines on top of each other. If you have any questions about this, or would like some help, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Select your beer packaging or wine box.
  2. Upload a black & white vector file of your logo, text or image in AI, EPS or DXF format.
  3. Fill-in the number of pieces you wish to order and pay via the shopping cart.
  4. You will receive your beer or wine boxes laser engraved with your design within seven working days.

Select your wooden beer or wine packaging here

Bierkistjes en wijnkistjes met lasergravure

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Wine box, Your own printing, lasergravering, 1 bottle , with lid, 95x85x340mm

Product code 479092
€ 19,00 /bundle, 5 pcs Excl. VAT

Beer packaging, Lasergravering, Your own printing, Kistje, Wood, 6 bottles , 20.5x14.5x10.3cm, natural

Product code 479279
€ 49,95 /carton, 14 units Excl. VAT

Beer packaging, Lasergravering, Your own printing, Kruiwagen, Wood, 6 bottles , 29x29x15cm, natural

Product code 479278
€ 18,50 /carton, 2 units Excl. VAT

Beer packaging, Lasergravering, Your own printing, Raceauto, Wood, 6 bottles , 28x17.5x12cm, natural

Product code 479277
€ 54,00 /carton, 8 units Excl. VAT