In today’s world of e-mails and other digital messages, ‘real’ paper mail in an envelope stands out. So select the right envelopes for your folders, letters, invoices, invitations and other printed materials and ensure a professional house-style that reflects the image of your company. Our range includes a wide variety of high-quality envelopes for all manner of application, such as business envelopes and document envelopes with or without a window and in various sizes and thicknesses, FSC-certificated Biotop envelopes for an environmentally-responsible house-style, envelopes you can personalise yourself with a digital (laser) printer, transparent direct-sale envelopes and tear-resistant, fully opaque Securitex envelopes for confidential documents. Our white, brown and cream envelopes made of sturdy Kraft paper and the Ondulop envelopes with a cardboard back offer excellent protection to fragile documents and products. And we also supply both classic and contemporary envelopes for greetings cards, eye-catching panorama window envelopes and versatile gusset envelopes for mailing larger and heavier items.