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Make sturdy air-cushion bags simply and quickly with a powerful activaAir BP5000 Power air-cushion machine.

Fast and simple filling

With this fast air-cushion machine you can fill 20 to 27 metres of air-cushion film on the roll in one minute, which means roughly 1,600 metres per hour. Perfect for the professional and protective filling of spaces in boxes and other packaging. This easy to operate power machine has been specially designed for retailers with extremely high packing demands and is ideal for the packing departments of large companies.

For air-cushion bags

The BP5000 Power is suitable for use with the 700 and 1,500 metre long rolls of air-cushion bag film. The extremely robust buffering bags give your products optimum and stable protection from falls and knocks during transportation.

Quiet in operation

The activaAir BP5000 Power combines modern design with high functionality and flexibility. The machine is extremely fast and quiet so does not cause any nuisance or stress in the workplace.

Optional extras

This air-cushion machine comes with two extra lengths of Teflon tape plus a spare knife for cutting the roll of air-cushion film. As an optional extra the machine can be fitted with a sensor that indicates exactly how much film remains on the roll and how many air-cushions can be produced from it. This means you do not have to stop the machine manually. Fitting a pedal with which you can stop the machine when the required number of air-cushion bags has been filled is also possible.

This is how the BP5000 Power works

  1. Turn the machine on with the knob on the right hand side.
  2. Slide a roll of air-cushion bag film onto the black roller with the start of the roll facing the front.
  3. Pull the end of the roll downwards and feed it under the metal guide bar and up again. Open the filling hole on the right hand side of the film (by the green dotted line) by rubbing the area between your fingers. Slide the opening over the machine’s air pipe.
  4. Push several more centimetres of film over the air pipe so it feeds into the slot then gently pull the film through the slot. You can press the silver In/Out button to pull the film through the machine automatically.
  5. Use the push buttons to set the desired air temperature, the number of metres of film on the roll and the volume of air required per air cushion (air volume given as a percentage) and the filling speed (S=Slow, F=Fast).
  6. When everything has been set the display will show Ready.
  7. Press the green start button to start filling the bags. Press the red button to stop filling.

Product code 513123
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Brand activaAir

activaAir is a brand of the German company activaTec. This family business has been developing, producing and supplying innovative products and materials for the simple and safe processing of packaging, such as the efficient air cushion machines, air cushion bags and ancillary activaAir products since 1987.

From industry to retail
activaTec supplies its products via partners in more than 17 countries. The products are used by warehouses and packing departments in the entire business column – from industrial manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers to government establishments and commercial companies including retailers and webshops.

Service and reliability
Thanks to its focus on a large warehouse stock, fast delivery, continuous quality control and personal contact, activaTec is able to offer its products with excellent service and reliability.


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