Aqua Light Bottle, Drinkwater, 18,9l, transparent

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Aqua Light

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Refreshing, pure Aqua Light mineral water is a must for your shop, or business.

For the Aqua Light water cooler
These bottles of natural, pure drinking water fit the Aqua Light water cooler perfectly. Put a water cooler filled with this delicious and refreshing water in your office, studio, showroom, shop, kitchen, canteen or garage and your colleagues, customers and guests will all be grateful.

Purified and filtered
This pure mineral water comes from the Anl'eau (Anloo) spring in Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands. After extraction the water is extensively purified by deferrization, activated carbon filtration and softening. This is followed by reverse osmosis which removes virtually all dissolved substances and impurities.

Consistent quality
Adding the right amounts of calcium, magnesium and other minerals to this extremely pure water creates a delicious drinking water of a consistent quality. A special treatment during the bottling process ensures a guaranteed shelf life of at least 12 months. The bottles are made of sturdy polycarbonate.

Low mineral content
The very low mineral content of Aqua Light mineral water means it can also be used as a liquid for baby food, people on a low salt or salt-free diet and kidney dialysis patients.

Product code 999981
Brand Aqua Light
Colour Transparent
Material Drinkwater
Weights and measures
Contents (l) 18,9


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