AVC Sealing Solutions Sealer, SMS-350-EM, 350mm.

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Close your direct mailings or tubular film effectively with this reliable and versatile magnetic sealer with a foot pedal.

For film packaging

This magnetic sealer has simple to use and smart controls and many options. It is perfectly-suited for packing direct mailings in plastic film and ideal for making thick, protective bags or blocked bags in a bakery. With a seal length of 330 mm and a seal width of 4 mm this sealer is ideal for industrial use.

Clever magnetic operation

The sealer has a handy foot pedal with which you can close the sealing bar electronically. This means you have both hands free to position the product. The laser-cycle starts immediately the sealing bar is closed. When the machine has finished sealing the bar lifts automatically. An ideal way to work efficiently and always be assured of a reliable and solid seal.

Consistent quality

The SMS-350-EM magnetic sealer has a handy manual cutter with a safety blade for removing excess film. To ensure a consistent seal quality the sealing time and cooling time can be set via separate dials.

Separate components

A number of components for the Super Magneet Sealer 350-EM are available separately including an un-roller, a four-position work table, sealing wires, lower Teflon strips, upper Teflon strips, safety blades and a repair kit.

Product code 13-SMS.350.EM
Brand AVC Sealing Solutions
Type SMS-350-EM
Weights and measures
Width (mm) 350

Brand AVC Sealing Solutions

The sealers in our range are supplied by AVC Sealing Solutions. This dynamic company has been manufacturing high-quality sealing machines for various sealing and crimping solutions since 1986.

A wide range
AVC supplies every type of sealer from simple table sealers to fully-automatic sealing machines. This enormous diversity and extensive range of possibilities means AVC always has the right solution for your packaging problem. Our range includes various magnetic sealers, table sealers, impulse sealers, worktables and all kinds of accessories, such as sealing wire, safety blades, Teflon strips and complete repair kits.

Fast sealing solutions
AVC’s sealers are ideal for industrial use. Because AVC develops and manufactures its own machines the company can innovate and improve continuously. AVC is, therefore, renowned for its fast and secure sealing solutions that do what is expected of them.


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