Bright® Knife, PS, 165mm, white

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Praktisch, minder milieubelastend mes voor eenmalig gebruik.

Voor iedere gelegenheid
Dit stevige, kunststof mes is bij uitstek geschikt voor cateringdoeleinden en past bij iedere gelegenheid of soort maaltijd. Gebruik ze op kantoor, in de (sport)kantine of op de camping, en geef ze bij een picknick of barbecue, tuinfeest of kinderpartijtje. Afwassen is niet nodig!

Lagere milieu-impact
Dankzij slim materiaalgebruik en design hebben deze messen een aantoonbaar lagere milieu-impact dan vergelijkbare wegwerpmessen. Op een schaal van 0 tot 5 scoren ze maar liefst 4,5 ster op de Eco Rating.

Eco Rating
De Eco Rating is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met de Stichting Natuur & Milieu. Lees er meer over op onze website.

Product code 457156
Brand Bright®
EAN 8710653000761
Colour White
Environment and quality
Environmental hallmark Eco Rating 4,5
Quality hallmark Food safety
Material PS
Quantity per pallet 3360
Weights and measures
Length (mm) 165

Brand Bright®

Our Bright® brand is special! The plates, soup bowls, stirrers, cutlery, drink and coffee cups in this range of packaging materials and disposables have a measurably lower environmental impact.

With this compact Bright range you can be sure you have all the basic products for every occasion, large or small. The practical products are versatile and suitable for catering during parties and events, but also for use when camping, in (sports club) canteens, in the office or during a barbecue, garden party or children’s party.

Because our sources are not inexhaustible we believe it is vital that we use the available raw materials in a responsible way. This is why we only sell products under the Bright brand if they achieve an environmental-impact score that is clearly lower than the average of the comparable products available on the market. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have the joint power and responsibility to influence consumers’ behaviour. With Bright we are challenging you to make a responsible choice.

The environmental-impact of the Bright products is assessed in accordance with a special life-cycle analysis: the LCA method (Life Cycle Assessment). This assessment involves examining the entire life-cycle of every product; from the extraction of the raw materials, via processing, manufacture and transportation to waste management. We base our assessment on a total of nineteen so-called environmental-impact factors, such as energy usage, acidification, smog and all kinds of pollution.

Star rating system
To gain an insight into the environmental-impact of our products we, in cooperation with Stichting Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment Foundation), developed the Eco Rating. This system expresses the environmental-impact in the form of stars on a scale of 0 to 5. The lower a specific product’s impact on the environment, the more stars it is awarded.

See the assessment
Only products awarded three or more stars in accordance with the Eco Rating qualify for the Bright brand. See for yourself how the stars have been gained by accessing the website via the QR code on the packaging. You will see the assessment related to all nineteen environmental-impact factors in detail per product group.


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