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Offer your tea and coffee guests sweetness without the calories with these Canderel sweetener sticks in a convenient dispenser box.

Canderel sweetener sticks

Not everyone who likes their tea or coffee sweet also likes the calories in sugar. So give your guests a choice and offer both sugar sticks and these sticks of low-calorie Canderel sweetener. Every stick contains 0.5 grams of powdered sweetener, which is generally enough to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee.

Hygienically packaged

Portion packaging is not only hygienic it also reduces wastage. On top of that the sticks make it easy for tea or coffee drinkers to add just the right amount of sweetener to suit their taste. Canderel sweetener is suitable for diabetics.

Attractive dispenser box

This efficient packaging contains 500 individual sticks of sweetener that can easily be taken out of the large opening one at a time. The attractive dispenser box can be placed anywhere – stand an open box of Canderel sticks behind the counter or in your coffee corner and you will be assured of a practical and attractive presentation.

A professional look

Canderel is a world-renowned high-quality sweetener. So opting for this brand reinforces the professional look of your establishment. Make your presentation complete by also offering sugar sticks, creamer sticks and, of course, stirrers.

Product code 999800
Brand Canderel
EAN 7640110700952
Pattern Candarel
Material Food
Version Candarel stick
Weights and measures
Contents (gr) 0,5


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