FIFO bottle™ Cap, LDPE, blue

Dispense the right amount of your thick sauces and dressings very easily with these special blue/large dispenser caps for your FIFO sauce dispenser bottles.

Refillable squeeze bottles
Garnishing a dish with exactly the right amount of sauce or dressing is simplicity itself with these refillable squeeze bottles. The bottles are filled from the top and the sauce is dispensed from the bottom through a non-drip valve. This FIFO (first in, first out) system ensures proper food rotation and prevents waste.

Easy to use
The food-safe, BPA-free sauce dispenser bottles are easy to fill with the help of a special silicone funnel. Thanks to the non-drip valve in the dispenser caps the bottles do not have to be turned the other way up when not in use and do not have to be shaken before use. A quick twist of the dispenser cap and a gentle squeeze of the bottle is all that is needed to dispense the required amount of sauce. This prevents waste and saves you time.

Various dispensing caps
Three different dispensing caps (green/small, yellow/medium and blue/large) with openings for specific applications, dosages and sauce/dressing thicknesses are available for the FIFO sauce dispenser bottles. A system of different cap colours ensures easy identification. The caps fit all the different sizes of FIFO bottles. The caps, like the bottles and funnels, are easy to clean.

Product code 448806
Brand FIFO bottle™
EAN 0063141535329
Colour Blue
Environment and quality
Quality hallmark Food safety
Material LDPE


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