Henkelman Vacuümmachine, Mini Jumbo, Stainless steel

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With this robust vacuum packing machine you can package food and other products quickly and safely.

For food…
Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of food products, retains product quality, provides optimum food safety and, at the same time, guarantees a professional presentation. This table top model vacuum machine is geared to food service requirements and is very suitable for use with sous vide applications.

And for non-food
This compact vacuum packing machine is also suitable for non-food products, such as electronics, semi-conductors, pharmaceutical products, textiles and many more. Vacuum packaging is not only airtight; it also protects the contents from dust, moisture and tampering and is even sterile.

Professional vacuum packaging
With an easily removable wireless sealing bar with a maximum length of 280 mm, a pump capacity of 4 m3/hour this efficient Mini Jumbo is ideal for professional vacuum packing. Despite being conveniently compact (just 330mm wide), this table top model offers all the versatility of larger models.

Fast and hygienic
The JUMBO MINI was designed and developed with speed and safety in mind. The vacuum chamber has rounded corners for easy cleaning and the machine is also equipped with progressive aeration for optimal product protection and insert plates for a faster vacuum cycle and seal height adjustment.

Attractively priced
This attractively-priced, user-friendly vacuum packing machine has digital programming and maintenance functions, is totally made of stainless steel and has a practical transparent lid. It is both extremely easy to install and low maintenance in use.

Designed and made in the Netherlands
The Mini Jumbo vacuum packing machine was designed and is made in the Netherlands. It combines functional design, ease of operation and a long life span.

A number of handy accessories are available separately, such as a wheeled trolley with storage space, a service kit for standard maintenance, a higher lid, an inclined insert plate for the efficient packaging of liquids or powders and an adaptor for the external vacuuming of food containers.

Product code 510241
Brand Henkelman
EAN 08714215029382
Material Stainless steel
Type Mini Jumbo
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