Henkelman Vacuum packing machine, Jumbo 42, Stainless steel

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This compact Jumbo 42 vacuum packing machine is indispensable in the food-service kitchen.

For food …
Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of food products, retains product quality, provides optimum food safety and, at the same time, guarantees a professional presentation. This table top model vacuum machine is geared to food service and food retail requirements and is very suitable for use with sous vide applications.

… and non-food
This robust vacuum packing machine is also suitable for non-food products, such as electronics, semi-conductors, pharmaceutical products, textiles and many more. Vacuum packing is not only airtight, it also protects the contents from dust, moisture and tampering and is even sterile.

Professional vacuum packing
With one vacuum chamber, an easily removable wireless sealing bar with a maximum length of 420 mm, a machine cycle of 20 to 40 seconds and a pump capacity of 16 m3/hour, this efficient Jumbo 42 is ideal for professional vacuum packing, including in bags measuring 400 x 400 mm. Despite its conveniently small size, this table top model offers all the versatility of larger models.

Fast and hygienic
The Mini Jumbo was designed and developed with speed and safety in mind. The vacuum chamber has rounded corners for easy cleaning and the Jumbo-machines are also equipped with progressive aeration for optimal product protection and insert plates for a faster vacuum cycle and vacuum chamber height adjustment.

Attractively priced
This attractively-priced, user-friendly vacuum packing machine has digital programming and maintenance functions, is made entirely of stainless steel and has a practical transparent lid. It is both extremely easy to install and low maintenance in use.

Designed and made in the Netherlands
The Jumbo 42 vacuum packing machine was designed and is made in the Netherlands. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and combines functional design, ease of operation and a long life span.

Accessories and extensions
In addition to a connector for the external vacuuming of food containers, the range of handy accessories that are available and the options that are possible include:

  • A wheeled trolley with storage compartments
  • A service kit for standard maintenance
  • An inclined insert plate for the efficient packaging of liquid products
  • A cutting wire for the easy removal of excess film
  • A second sealing bar for double packaging capacity
Various sizes of machine
The Jumbo series includes vacuum packaging machines in several different sizes. All the machines are supplied with a three-year guarantee.

Product code 510245
Brand Henkelman
EAN 08714215029450
Type Jumbo 42
Material Stainless steel
Warranty period 3 jaar
Weights and measures
Length (mm) 525
Width (mm) 480
Height (mm) 430

Brand Henkelman

Dutch company Henkelman, develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality vacuum packaging machines for the fast, efficient and hygienic vacuum packaging of widely diverse food items and products as well as non-food products, such as components, electronics, money, textiles and even DNA. The machines are used in 70 countries around the world and the company is the European market leader.

A wide and high-quality offering
Thanks to its lead in vacuum technology Henkelman can offer a wide range of vacuum packaging machines varying from economically-priced, compact table models to heavy-duty, double-chamber industrial machines. What all the machines have in common is their high quality, ease of operation and durability. The machines, which are manufactured in the Netherlands, also stand-out due to the clean lines and functionality of their design.

Listen to the client
Henkelman is very focused on development, both of its products and of the people who work for the company. Henkelman also listens pro-actively to the people who use the machines and its own technical development department responds quickly to market demands and wishes. This enables Henkelman to supply efficient products that keep up with the times and answer the needs of the clients.

User-friendliness and low maintenance
The very user-friendly vacuum packaging machines are easy to install (plug & pack, as Henkelman calls it) and low maintenance. The ingenious construction of the vacuum packaging machines also guarantees good hygiene – the machines comply with all the HACCP standards and are widely used in the food-service, food retail and catering sectors. Many of the machines are also suitable for sous-vide cooking (long, slow cooking at a constant low temperature).


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