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I'M Concept Bag, paper, 21x24cm, RIP ME OFF!, bleached

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With these unique paper I’M A FOOD snack & serviette envelopes your customers will have both hands free to enjoy their snack.

Unique paper snack envelopes

These attractive and very practical snack envelopes made of bleached ersatz paper are the ideal two-in-one packaging for greasy snacks and pastries, such as sausage rolls, waffles, toasted sandwiches, doughnuts and filled rolls. The envelopes are a new addition to our successful and trendy I’M A CONCEPT range of packaging.

A snack plus a serviette

The snack envelopes have a handy white serviette attached that customers can tear-off and use to wipe their hands during or after eating their snack. This means they don’t have to pick up and hold a loose serviette. The snack envelopes are printed with an eye-catching, but neutral, text that fits in perfectly with your other I’M a CONCEPT products.

Eat now or later

These ultra-modern snack envelopes are manufactured using a brand-new technology. The grease and moisture resistant properties of the ersatz paper make the envelopes ideal for packaging greasy products for immediate consumption. And thanks to the flap, after filling the envelope can be folded shut so the snack is well protected and can be taken away and consumed later.

Product code 630045
Brand I'M Concept
EAN 8714215133317
Colour Bleached
Pattern RIP ME OFF!
Material Paper
Weights and measures
Length (cm) 24
Width (cm) 21

Brand I'M Concept

The I’M a CONCEPT is an up-to-date to-go packaging concept that includes several product ranges offering coffee cups, drinks cups, ice-cream tubs and snack bags.

Timely but trendy
The timeless, yet at the same time trendy, look means the I’M a CONCEPT products fit in every market segment, from snack bar and ice-cream parlour to lunchroom and cafeteria. The designs stand out because they are fresh, modern and perfectly compatible with each other. This means that with the I’M a CONCEPT you have a total packaging range for all your (to-go) products.

Hot and Cool
The I’M a CONCEPT products also stand out due to their somewhat cheeky printing with a challenging double meaning. For example, the text on the coffee cups is I'M a HOT cup. From a distance you only read the large letters on the cup, which say I’M HOT. The same applies for the text on the I’M a COOL ice-cream tubs and cold drinks cups.

TV series
Since their introduction the I’M a products have been seen everywhere. In the office, at stadiums, on the train and during events. Many (food service) companies have started using the eye-catching to-go concept. These trendy products have also been seen on a regular basis in TV series and in the hands of celebrities. To get an idea visit our fan site.

A professional presentation
The good-looking and practical products in the various concepts complement each other perfectly so that with the I’M a CONCEPT you can offer your clients a total and professional presentation of your hot and cold drinks, snacks and other products.


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