I'M a Concept Conical bag, Greaseproof, 17x24cm, x17cm, I'M a SNACK, white

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I'M a Concept

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French fries in a paper cone – a tried and tested presentation.

Cheerful paper cone
The Dutch and Belgians are convinced French fries taste their best when eaten out of a paper cone. Find out whether your customers agree. These cheerful I’M a SNACK bag concept paper cones are made of Ersatz paper, which makes them ideal for deep-fried products.

A small portion of French fries
The smallest paper cone is perfect for serving a small portion of French fries or for presenting a sausage, individual kebab, pickled gherkin or deep-fried Mars bar.

Tasteful presentation
This paper cone is ideal if the contents are for immediate consumption. Thanks to the wide opening your products are attractively presented and easily picked up. Mayonnaise and other sauces are presented tastefully on top. Your customer can tuck in straight away!

Colourful design
The trendy paper cones are printed with an eye-catching, colourful design that has proven a success in surveys among end-users and the trendy text ‘I'M a SNACK bag’. Attractive, neutral icons with a food and drink theme, such as bread rolls, ice-creams and soft drinks, mean these paper cones can be used for a wide range of products by snack bars and cafeterias as well as by food service businesses such as bakeries, cinemas, party caterers and lunch rooms.

Practical stock numbers
These paper cones are packed in boxes of 1,000 pieces that take up little storage space. This has proven to be a practical quantity that guarantees you always have a good stock in house but, at the same time, ensures you do not have an open box of paper cones hanging around for too long. This quantity also means you do not have to invest a lot of money in paper cones.

A complete offering
Combine this handy French fries paper cone with the other snack bags and snack articles from our I’M a SNACK concept and you have the right packaging for all your snacks. Complete your range with the matching cups and lids from the Depa I'M a COOL concept and the products from the Depa Kids concept.

Take a look at our IMaCONCEPT.nl-fansite.

Product code 229821
Brand I'M a Concept
EAN 08710653114932
Theme I'M a SNACK bag
Design I'M a SNACK
Colour White
Environment and quality
Quality hallmark Food safety
Type K17
Version Conical bag
Material Greaseproof
Quantity per pallet 0
Weights and measures
Width (cm) 17.0
Length (cm) 17.0
Height (cm) 24.0

Brand I'M a Concept

The I’M a CONCEPT is an up-to-date to-go packaging concept that includes several product ranges offering coffee cups, drinks cups, ice-cream tubs and snack bags.

Timely but trendy
The timeless, yet at the same time trendy, look means the I’M a CONCEPT products fit in every market segment, from snack bar and ice-cream parlour to lunchroom and cafeteria. The designs stand out because they are fresh, modern and perfectly compatible with each other. This means that with the I’M a CONCEPT you have a total packaging range for all your (to-go) products.

Hot and Cool
The I’M a CONCEPT products also stand out due to their somewhat cheeky printing with a challenging double meaning. For example, the text on the coffee cups is I'M a HOT cup. From a distance you only read the large letters on the cup, which say I’M HOT. The same applies for the text on the I’M a COOL ice-cream tubs and cold drinks cups.

TV series
Since their introduction the I’M a products have been seen everywhere. In the office, at stadiums, on the train and during events. Many (food service) companies have started using the eye-catching to-go concept. These trendy products have also been seen on a regular basis in TV series and in the hands of celebrities. To get an idea visit our IMaCONCEPT.nl fan site.

A professional presentation
The good-looking and practical products in the various concepts complement each other perfectly so that with the I’M a CONCEPT you can offer your clients a total and professional presentation of your hot and cold drinks, snacks and other products.


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