I'M Concept, Ice-cream tub, I`M a COOL cup, Cardboard and coating, 150ml, 6oz, 51mm, white

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Who could resist an ice-cream in this I’M a COOL cup ice-cream tub.

Serve your soft-ices, ice-creams, frozen yoghurts and other cold products in these fresh, trendy cardboard ice-cream tubs. Thanks to the double-sided ‘cool cup’ coating the contents keep their taste and (literally) their cool for a long time. This original and eye-catching tub looks good in every ice-cream parlour, lunch room and snack bar. Opting for cardboard also means they are considerably less expensive than (plastic) c-fine ice-cream tubs.

Cheeky and trendy
The ‘I'M a COOL cup’ text with its double meaning is somewhat cheeky and certainly trendy. The eye-catching, colourful design has proven a success in surveys among end-users. Attractive, neutral icons in the theme of milkshake, ice-cream, soft drink and drinks mean it can be used for a wide range of applications by every business that serves milkshakes, ice-creams and cold drinks.

Domed lid
This is the second smallest size of I’M a COOL cup ice-cream tub. A domed lid that is particularly good for presenting soft-ice with or without a topping or cream is available for this size of tub. If the ice-cream is to-go or to be delivered a wafer makes an attractive and practical ‘alternative lid’.

A complete offering
Let the customers choose! With five sizes of ice-cream tub and three sizes of milkshake cup the I'M a COOL concept ensures you always have the right size for your customer. Make your offering totally complete with the products from the Depa I'M a SNACK concept and the Depa Kidsconcept.

Read just the big letters and the text reads ‘I’M COOL’. Isn’t that what everybody wants to be!

Take a look at our IMaCONCEPT.nl-fansite.

Product code 452327
Brand I'M Concept
EAN 8710653111597
Theme I'M a COOL cup
Colour White
Pattern I`M a COOL cup
Shape Round
Environment and quality
Quality hallmark Food safety
Version Ice-cream tub
Material Cardboard and coating
Quantity per pallet 240
Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 150
Height (mm) 51
Contents (oz) 6
Diameter rim/edge (mm) 95

Brand I'M Concept

The I’M a CONCEPT is an up-to-date to-go packaging concept that includes several product ranges offering coffee cups, drinks cups, ice-cream tubs and snack bags.

Timely but trendy
The timeless, yet at the same time trendy, look means the I’M a CONCEPT products fit in every market segment, from snack bar and ice-cream parlour to lunchroom and cafeteria. The designs stand out because they are fresh, modern and perfectly compatible with each other. This means that with the I’M a CONCEPT you have a total packaging range for all your (to-go) products.

Hot and Cool
The I’M a CONCEPT products also stand out due to their somewhat cheeky printing with a challenging double meaning. For example, the text on the coffee cups is I'M a HOT cup. From a distance you only read the large letters on the cup, which say I’M HOT. The same applies for the text on the I’M a COOL ice-cream tubs and cold drinks cups.

TV series
Since their introduction the I’M a products have been seen everywhere. In the office, at stadiums, on the train and during events. Many (food service) companies have started using the eye-catching to-go concept. These trendy products have also been seen on a regular basis in TV series and in the hands of celebrities. To get an idea visit our IMaCONCEPT.nl fan site.

A professional presentation
The good-looking and practical products in the various concepts complement each other perfectly so that with the I’M a CONCEPT you can offer your clients a total and professional presentation of your hot and cold drinks, snacks and other products.


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