Instapak Quick Filling material, LDPE, 54cm, blue

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Are you going to mail delicate or breakable products? Protect them quickly, safely and efficiently with these unique expansion-cushions from Instapak Quick® RT.

All-round protection
These handy bags inflate in seconds into made-to-measure, effective protective cushions that surround your products and provide a perfect buffer during transportation.

Can be used anywhere
The versatile expansion-cushions are ideal for products of virtually any shape, size and weight. Because you do not need a dosing-system, heating unit, air machine or any other equipment the foam cushions can be used anywhere. And there’s no loose filling material to clear up.

Space saving
The cost-saving and space-saving cushions are supplied flat and can expand to up to 27 times their own size. This means that a small box of Instapak Quick RT bags contains enough expansion cushions to protect an entire pallet-load of products.

Professional packing
Instapak Quick RT bags are ideal for use in factory and office post rooms, shops, webshops, companies that work from home, warehouses, museums and galleries. Your products will look professionally packed and will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

This is how it works

  • Have the product to be packed and the box in which you are going to pack it ready to hand.
  • Unfold an Instapak Quick RT bag and place it on a flat surface with printed A and B next to you.
  • Press your palm on the A until you hear a soft ‘plop’. The seal has been broken and the two components can now mix together.
  • Press firmly on A and B alternately 10 to 20 times to activate the foam in the bag.
  • Lay the still flat bag in the bottom of the empty box.
  • Immediately nestle the product on the expanding foam. The foam will shape itself into a protective cushion around the product.
  • Repeat the process with a second bag that you lay on top of the product to protect the top.
  • Before the top cushion starts to swell close the box flaps and tape the box shut. The cushion will swell to fill the empty space and hold the product securely in place.

Product code 397015
Brand Instapak Quick
EAN 8714215079394
Colour Blue
Material LDPE
Weights and measures
Width (cm) 54
Length (cm) 68

Brand Instapak Quick

Instapak Quick® RT Packaging is a revolutionary brand of American packaging solution producer and supplier, Sealed Air. It comprises a series of foam packaging that offers a unique solution for protecting delicate or fragile products that are, for example, packed in boxes.

Protective cushions
When the two active components in the Instapak Quick pouch are activated they combine to form a shock-absorbing foam that automatically expands and moulds itself into a protective cushion around your product whatever its shape, weight or size. The buffer cushions, or foam cushions, are made to measure on site without a machine, so totally manually, and provide optimum protection for everything you want to mail or transport.

Sealed Air
In addition to Instapak Quick Sealed Air offers various other foam packagings and many packaging solutions for different product groups and branches.


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