Katrin Hand towel dispenser, white

These elegant Katrin hand towel dispensers are suitable for different qualities of hand towels.

Katrin hand towel dispensers for every washroom

Every washroom demands the best hygiene solutions. These elegant hand towel dispensers feel at home everywhere: from a fuel filling station or a fast-food outlet to a Director’s office suite or top restaurant. As the dispensers can be used for hand towels made of different qualities of paper you can respond optimally to the differing hygiene wishes of your washroom visitors.

An ample supply

These hand towel dispensers hold rolls containing from 420 to 800 sheets which, depending on the selected paper quality, means enough to dry around 360 to 450 pairs of hands. Such an ample supply per roll will save you maintenance time while ensuring there is (virtually) always a hand towel available for washroom visitors.

Simple for everyone

These hand towel dispensers from our Inclusive range are so simple to use they are accessible for everyone of every age and for people with physical limitations. One press on PUSH and the paper appears automatically and can simply be pulled out of the dispenser. The word PUSH on the area to be pressed is also in Braille.


The hand towel dispensers are very maintenance-friendly. To insert a new roll of towels simply open the dispenser lid (with or without a key), put the roll in the roll holder, pull the end of the roll down to the line marked ‘Paper until here’, shut the lid and press on PUSH until the paper appears. The cutting mechanism is also easily accessible, which speeds up any required maintenance.

Economic paper usage

To encourage an economic use of paper only one sheet appears each time the dispenser is used and every sheet of every roll is used right down to the core. The transparent side panel lets you see how much remains on the roll. When the diameter has reduced to around 7.5 cm you can insert a second roll. As soon as the first roll is empty the full roll takes its place. The core of the empty roll can be removed from the back of the dispenser via the side so it can be recycled.

Tested and certificated

Katrin Inclusive dispensers have been certificated for their functionality, sustainability, material, safety and operation by Bureau Veritas.

Product code 509010
Brand Katrin
EAN 6414300090045
Colour White
Version Hand towel dispenser

Brand Katrin

With the Katrin product range you have a complete high-quality hygiene solution at your disposal. Katrin is a true specialist in products and materials for fresh, agreeable and functional public washrooms in (industrial) workplaces, hotels, schools, restaurants and the health care sector.

Easy for everyone
The brand is renowned for its Inclusive Design; design that takes the needs of all user groups into account. This means user groups such as children, older people, people with poor eyesight and service personnel also find the products easy to use.

A perfect balance
Katrin offers its clients a perfect balance between thriftiness, responsibility and environmental friendliness. Katrin’s innovative products, technical expertise, market knowledge and delivery reliability will help you provide washrooms, workplaces and facilities that are perfectly equipped and cared for.

A professional concept
In addition to hand towels, toilet paper, household cloths and professional cleaning cloths the concept also includes dispenser systems, soaps and accessories. All the products comply not only with the current professional specifications related to hygiene but also with the future EU guidelines for public spaces.


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