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Create amazing effects with ribbons in minutes with this handy ribbon splitter.

Easy splitting
Do you often use florist’s (poly) ribbon or curling ribbon when packaging gifts? This ribbon splitter makes splitting the ribbon into narrow strips very easy.

A choice of two splitting width
This longer splitter has a row of metal pins or teeth that are closer together in the front half than in the rear half so you have the option of two different splitting widths.

Extra festive
Use the ribbon splitter for curling ribbon and for creating lengths of ribbon in different widths. Curl the ribbon before splitting it for an extra festive result.

Product code 506967
Brand LOVLY®
EAN 08711298359702
Colour Assorted
Material Plastic
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Brand LOVLY®

LOVLY® is the trendsetter in the field of gift packaging. The brand offers a contemporary range of on-trend gift packaging that is available in a number of regularly updated styles.

For all branches
Lovly is inspired by international trends in branches such as fashion, furnishings, food and art. This cross-industry approach translates into unique and attractive packaging designs that will amaze your customers.

Have everything wrapped up!
With the Lovly products you can, literally, have everything wrapped up. There’s a good reason why we say: “All you need is Lovly”. The range includes gift bags, gift-wrapping paper, gift boxes, ribbons, labels and matching carrier bags.

Versatility in styles
Lovly gift packaging is available in various sizes and a broad spectrum of styles varying from rugged, chic and ‘boho’ to exotic, vintage and edgy. This versatility makes Lovly suitable for the most diverse branches, such as fashion, home & living, wine shops, consumer electronics, DIY, household articles, jewellers, drugstores, perfumeries, delicatessen and confectioners.

All you need is LOVLY®!


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