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Topseal your plastic menu containers in seconds with this compact T190 manual topseal machine.

MetalPack T190 Topseal machine

If you’re small you have to be smart! Thanks to its ingenious design this compact but complete MetalPack T190 fits easily on a smaller work surface. The manual sealing machine is just 26 cm wide and, to save space, the film roll sits on top of the machine rather than behind it. The meal packaging machine is used by many butchers, greengrocers, delicatessen shops, restaurants, catering companies and other shops and professional kitchens.

Securely seal menu containers and compartments

The sturdy T190 topseal machine ensures a hygienic, airtight and leak-proof seal of your filled single or multi compartment menu containers using heat-resistant topseal film. Because the film seals not only the outer rim of the meal container but the rims of all the individual compartments, dishes and ready-to-use meals are perfectly packaged for easy transportation, storage and offering for sale.

Strong and reliable

The MetalPack T190 is attractively priced and, due to its light operation and high closing pressure, is stronger than all other sealing machines in its class. An optimum pressure distribution ensures a constant seal quality. The electronic control with a digital display enables you to set a very precise sealing temperature between 100 and 180°C. The stainless steel housing and anti-burning layer on the sealing plate also make the machine very easy to clean.

Menu dishes and films

Make sure you always use the right films to seal your menu dishes. The multi-functional T190 is perfect for all single or multi-compartment menu containers that are suitable for top-sealing, such as our black CPET dishes, anthracite-coloured menu dishes made of foamed AirPET®, and black injection moulded PP dishes. This topseal machine can be used with both peelable and non-peelable sealing films with a roll width of up to 190 mm and a diameter of up to 210 mm.

Matching sealing plates

The sealing plates you need to seal your 1, 2 or 3 compartment menu containers are available separately. Every type of menu container has its own sealing plate with a profile that precisely matches the menu dish rims. The sealing plates can be stored in the bottom of the machine and changing sealing plates is very fast and simple.

Would you like some help with selecting the right components?

Click on the tab Downloads on this page to download an Excel file containing an overview of the menu dishes, sealing films, sealing plates and adapter plates that go with the various MetalPack Topseal machines. You can also contact us for made-to-measure advice. We will be happy to help.

Product code 510150
Brand MetalPack
Type T190
Version Manual sealing machine
Voltage 220-240v


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