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Snijmachines en rolsnijmachines zorgen voor een gemakkelijke, nauwkeurige en vooral veilige manier van het snijden van papier.

Product code 918049
Brand Olfa
EAN 0091511700220
Material Metal
Version Spare blade
Weights and measures
Length (mm) 18.0

Brand Olfa

Inspired by breaking off pieces of a chocolate bar and analysing the recurring sharp edges of broken glass, in 1956 Japanese inventor Yoshio Okada developed the world’s first snap-off blade. He established the Olfa Corporation and turned his unique discovery into a global best-seller. The length, breadth and angle of the Olfa knife blade are still accepted as the standard for snap-off blades.

All in the feel
The shape of the L-1 - Olfa’s most sold snap-off knife - was designed by Okada purely on the basis of the feel after he’d picked up and held hundreds of river pebbles. The L-1 and all other Olfa knives are, therefore, also renowned for their comfort and controllability which ensure the best cutting results.

Rotary cutters
In 1979 Okada’s invention of the rotary cutter brought about a total about-turn in quilting techniques. Due to its unique and extremely ergonomic shape and ease of use this cutter played a major role in the development of quilting and the easy cutting of textiles.

Safe yellow
Both the Olfa Corporation and the Olfa products can be recognised by their yellow colour. Yellow was chosen because it ensures the knives are easily and quickly seen in a toolbox, which is beneficial for user safety.

A long life
Olfa knives are made of steel from the best raw materials and manufactured in accordance with stringent regulations. To ensure every knife is perfectly balanced, which will guarantee a long life, special attention is paid to the hardness of the steel, the dimensions of the blade, the speed of the grinding process and the quality of the grindstone.


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