Pattex Instant glue, 3gr.

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Brand Pattex
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Brand Pattex

With the arrival of the Pattex cold-curing wood glue, in 1956 German supplier Henkel unleashed a revolution on the adhesives market. From that moment skilled workers no longer had to heat their glue before using it – a time-consuming task. Pattex could be applied at room temperature and proved to be a strong, user-friendly and safe solution.

Ground-breaking products
With the launch of the first ‘instant’ glue in 1982 Henkel had another innovation in its hands and this was soon followed by more new, ground-breaking, products, such as a water-resistant wood glue, glue guns, a new type of construction glue for instantly attaching objects to walls, special glues for parquet and wooden floors, a two-component epoxy adhesive for gluing, repairing or sealing broken objects, a new generation of removable construction glues, the excellent Repair Extreme adhesive (based on Henkel’s patented FlexTec technology), construction glues for do-it-yourself enthusiasts that made nails and screws superfluous and finally, in 2011, a new generation all-purpose glue.

For professionals and consumers
The glues and adhesives in large volumes are popular for professional use. Consumers generally use the small tubes of Pattex for repairs around the house.

Safety and quality
Henkel sets great store by sustainability, safety, health and quality. All the products are extensively tested to ensure they are safe for health and the environment. In addition to Pattex Henkel also supplies the Pritt brand adhesives and correction tools (such as the Pritt Stick).


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