Polyco Glove, Nitrile, M, green

These sterilised Nitri-Tech® III nitrile gloves make working safely with chemicals very easy.

Excellent protection

These re-usable synthetic rubber (nitrile) gloves offer excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, such as strong detergents, certain solvents and oils. To protect the hands and keep the gloves in good condition for longer they also contain a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent.

Very comfortable

Synthetic rubber (nitrile) gloves are a good alternative if you are allergic or sensitive to latex. The anatomical shape and soft cotton flock lining makes the gloves more comfortable to wear and easier to pull on and off. The lining also absorbs perspiration so hands stay cool.

Durability with a good grip

Nitri-Tech III gloves offer very good abrasion and puncture resistance and their antistatic properties meet the EN 1149 part 1: surface resistivity requirements. The non-slip diamond pattern on the palm of the glove ensures an optimum grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Various sizes

Nitri-Tech III nitrile gloves are available in various sizes and are supplied in a handy dispenser box. They are ideal gloves for printers, the agricultural sector, manufacturing and assembly, the food industry, the automotive industry and many other applications.

Product code 691044
Brand Polyco
EAN 5010699512017
Colour Green
Pattern Nitri tech III
Material Nitrile
Weights and measures
Size M

Brand Polyco

“Do the job better”, that’s the slogan of Polyco. This English company has specialised in the development and supply of gloves for the most diverse applications for over 50 years.

A safer way to work
Polyco’s product range includes over 300 different types of gloves each specifically designed to help their wearers carry out their day-to-day work better and in greater safety. Polyco offers the right gloves for every job. The range includes chemical-resistant gloves, cleaning gloves, work gloves and cut-resistant gloves.

Research laboratory
Polyco considers it important that clients can always trust in the protection and strength of its gloves. This is why Polyco’s own laboratory carries out exhaustive tests of its gloves’ properties and checks that they comply with European standards and guidelines. No detail is overlooked and everything is comprehensively documented.

All Polyco’s gloves are supplied along with the required information and certificates. Every purchaser is assured of a high-quality end product.


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