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Brand Pritt

The Pritt Stick is both the oldest and the most well-known brand of glue stick in the world. Henkel, the German supplier of the Pritt brand, devised the glue stick back in 1969 after studying the user-convenience of the lipstick.

A practical way to glue
Just like a lipstick the glue stick comprises a plastic tube with a screw mechanism. Twisting the bottom of the tube raises and lowers the stick of glue. The glue stick can be covered with a cap to prevent it drying out. With this stick of glue in a tube there was, at last, a clean and practical gluing method.

Glue products and correction fluids
Henkel has sold more than 1 billion glue sticks in 121 countries and put Pritt on the map all over the world. In addition to the Pritt Stick Pritt produces a wide range of glue products (such as pens, rollers and sticks), correction fluids and tapes, poster buddies (an adhesive putty for hanging all kinds of materials) and an easy-to-tear-off tape with serrated edges.

Safety and quality
Henkel sets great store by sustainability, safety, health and quality. All the products are extensively tested to ensure they are safe for health and the environment. In addition to Pritt Henkel also supplies the Pattex brand wood glues.


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