Qleaniq® Bathroom cleaner, Geconcentreerd, 1000ml, 10,Red.


Bathroom Cleaner

is a concentrated, pleasantly scented, alkaline cleaner for the daily cleaning of the entire bathroom or washroom. It is ideal for cleaning washbasins, baths, toilets, urinals and tiles, is economical in use and has a long-lasting pleasant scent.

Product properties

  • Removes limescale, soap scum and liposomes
  • Economical in use
  • Pleasantly scented, ensures long-lasting freshness
  • Suitable for use with a microfiber cloth

Usage and dosage

Spray bottle: add 10 ml of Bathroom Cleaner to a maximum of 500 ml of cold water. Spray the cleaning solution either onto a microfiber cloth or directly onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe over. Empty the spray bottle every day.
Bucket: per litre of water add 10 ml of Bathroom Cleaner if the surface to be cleaned is normally dirty and up to 50 ml if it is very dirty. Dip the cleaning cloth or sponge into the solution ensuring it is thoroughly wet then wring it out until it is just damp.

Technical information

Colour: red
Scent: pleasantly scented
pH value of concentrate: 10


Bottle: 1000 ml dosing bottle
Box: 12 x 1000 ml

Safety and storage

Information about storage, transportation and safety can be found in the safety information sheet under the Downloads tab.

Product code 509334
Brand Qleaniq®
EAN 8714215032238
Colour Red
Fragrance Geparfumeerd
pH value 10
Model Geconcentreerd
Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 1000

Brand Qleaniq®

With a total concept for catering, retail, (non)-food, office and industry, Qleaniq® is the brand for a stylish and hygienic equipping of your work areas, toilet facilities and office canteens.

A wide selection
Qleaniq offers a wide selection of hygiene articles, such as hand towels, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning paper, dispensers and cleaning requisites. In our webshop these products are split into clear product groups so you can easily find what you need.

Stylish look
Equip your toilet facilities, kitchen or workplace with Qleaniq products and you are ensured a stylish and outstandingly hygienic look. The design and message of the entire range also encourages hygienic and safe behaviour.

Clean and clever
Qleaniq® smart hygiene stands for quality (Quality) that’s clean (cLEAn) and clever (IQ). Very often you can ensure your company’s functional areas are always clean and well equipped by making simple, but clever, choices. For example, selecting rolls of toilet paper that are 100 metres long rather than 25 metres means the rolls won’t need replacing so often. This saves you time, reduces waste and makes for very efficient stock management.

Three product ranges
The three different Qleaniq product ranges - the high-quality Luxury range, the economical Basic range and the sustainable range of 100%eco products – mean there is always a solution that fits your needs.

Food safety
Especially for the food and catering sectors Qleaniq offers a series of hygiene articles that comply with the most stringent food safety standards. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on your selection.


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