Qleaniq® Squeegee, vloertrekker, 500mm, red

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Food-safe and hygienic floor washing has never been so efficient!

Floor squeegees with a one-piece wiper blade
These super-hygienic, 100% plastic squeegees are the smart and fast way to clean your factory floor, production area or shop. Because the wiper blade is made in one piece there are no holes or crevices in which food, bacteria or moulds can collect.

Ideal for the food sector
The smart floor squeegees are ideal for the hygienic removal of moisture and food residue in areas where food is processed or prepared. They are used by many food producers and processors including manufacturers, kitchens and restaurants, bakers, butchers and other food retailers.

Practical splash-guard
Thanks to the practical anti-splash rim you will have no problem with splashes while wiping away liquid. These hygienic floor squeegees can also withstand high temperatures so can be put through the dishwasher.

Choose your own handle
Different coloured handles in different lengths and made of different materials, such as glass fibre, aluminium or plastic, are available for the floor squeegees. Most of the handles are available with either a standard or an ergonomic hand grip. All the handles are easy to screw onto the wiper blade.

Choosing the right handle length
Sweeping and squeegeeing can be hard on the back. So choosing a handle length that is right for the height of the user is important. A handle that reaches approximately chin height puts the least pressure on the back and is, therefore, the healthiest choice.

In various widths
The hygienic floor squeegees are available in various colours and in widths ranging from 30 cm to 70 cm. The narrower squeegees are ideal for small spaces, such as washrooms, and floors with many machines and other obstructions. The wider floor squeegees are perfect for larger areas with few obstructions.

Care-free compliance with HACCP standards
Hygienic cleaning without worries is possible. The products in the Qleaniq brushware range are available in up to 10 different colours. Thanks to this clever colour-coding system you can work systematically and hygienically and comply very simply with the HACCP standards and other food-safety stipulations. Don’t stop at just a few, separate, brushware products – opt for the complete system from Qleaniq.

Working hygienically through colour
Give every product group, zone or working space in your factory or company its own colour and you can see immediately where and to which department or product group the cleaning material belongs. This creates clarity, increases the feeling of responsibility and prevents cross-contamination with bacteria or allergens. What each colour indicates within your company is for you to decide. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Made to be long-lasting
Ensure your professional cleaning materials from Qleaniq last a long time. Store your brushes and accessories on our smart wall hanging system. The hanging rails have coloured end caps. Match the rails to the materials and you will stimulate brushes and accessories being stored on the right rail. Everything can then be found easily, the brushes will dry faster and your brushware will last five to ten times longer than ordinary cleaning products.

Product code 12-28500-3
Brand Qleaniq®
Kleur Red
Version Vloertrekker
Weights and measures
Lengte (mm) 500

Brand Qleaniq®

With a total concept for catering, retail, (non)-food, office and industry, Qleaniq® is the brand for a stylish and hygienic equipping of your work areas, toilet facilities and office canteens.

A wide selection
Qleaniq offers a wide selection of hygiene articles, such as hand towels, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning paper, dispensers and cleaning requisites. In our webshop these products are split into clear product groups so you can easily find what you need.

Stylish look
Equip your toilet facilities, kitchen or workplace with Qleaniq products and you are ensured a stylish and outstandingly hygienic look. The design and message of the entire range also encourages hygienic and safe behaviour.

Clean and clever
Qleaniq® smart hygiene stands for quality (Quality) that’s clean (cLEAn) and clever (IQ). Very often you can ensure your company’s functional areas are always clean and well equipped by making simple, but clever, choices. For example, selecting rolls of toilet paper that are 100 metres long rather than 25 metres means the rolls won’t need replacing so often. This saves you time, reduces waste and makes for very efficient stock management.

Three product ranges
The three different Qleaniq product ranges - the high-quality Luxury range, the economical Basic range and the sustainable range of 100%eco products – mean there is always a solution that fits your needs.

Food safety
Especially for the food and catering sectors Qleaniq offers a series of hygiene articles that comply with the most stringent food safety standards. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on your selection.


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