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Offer your sugar sticks in this convenient, retro-look dispenser box.

4 grams per sugar stick

Our Retro range of packaging combines the quality of the present with the familiar and well-loved look of the past. Each of the retro-look sugar sticks contains 4 grams of sugar with which to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee. The sugar sticks fit in perfectly with the other Retro range products.

A decorative and practical dispenser box

The sugar sticks are supplied in a convenient, retro-style dispenser box. The pre-formed box is fully CO2 neutral from production to disposal when empty. Stand an open box in your coffee corner or on your counter and you are assured of a practical and attractive presentation that is also responsible.

Sugar and milk

The Retro sugar sticks are very easy to tell apart from the Retro creamer sticks: the sugar stick wrappers are dark brown, the wrappers of the creamer sticks are cream-coloured/orange. The word ‘sugar’ is also printed clearly on the wrapper in several languages.

A total Retro range

In addition to sugar sticks, creamer sticks and wooden or plastic stirrers, all packaged in convenient dispenser boxes, the Retro range includes a series of cups for hot and cold drinks. All the Retro range products are designed in the same recognisable and warm retro-style. Order the entire range for a successful, and tasty, wink at the past.

Product code 999899
Brand Retro®
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Version Sugar
Model Dispenser box

Brand Retro®

Our own Retro range of packagings successfully combines the familiar and well-loved look of the past with the quality of the present. Their decorative, traditional designs and colours make them a must for every coffee corner in which quality must be combined with a look that is inviting and comfortable.

Stylish drinks cups
Retro is a differentiating range of packaging products for hot drinks. The range includes a stylish series of cups for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup and other hot drinks. The names of the designs say it all: Gusto (warm and traditional orange-brown), Fresco (decorative in fresh green) and Classico (classical red and green, especially for soup).

Dispenser boxes in retro style
Both the matching plastic and wooden stirrers and the sticks of creamer and sugar are packaged in convenient, retro-style dispenser boxes. Handy matching cup lids are also available for customers who want to drink their hot coffee, tea or soup on the way. Order the entire range for a successful, and tasty, wink at the past.

CO2 neutral
All the Retro concept products are CO2 neutral: the CO2 emissions from the production until the point at which the products are thrown away are fully neutralised. An attractive choice, therefore, for every coffee corner, company or sports canteen, caterer and food service company.

A total range
Retro is a total range of products with which you can respond optimally to the current demand for tradition, warmth and simplicity and, at the same time, put the emphasis on taste and quality. A combination that can be seen and tasted.


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