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Replace the UV bulb in your Safescan 50 or Safescan 70 counterfeit banknote detector quickly and easily.

Powerful UV lamp

With this powerful UV bulb in your counterfeit detector you can verify the authenticity of banknotes, credit cards, passports and other ID cards simply and quickly. The 9 watt bulb is suitable for the Safescan 50 and Safescan 70 UV detectors.

Simply click into place

A handy click system makes replacing the UV bulb remarkably easy. Just open the clip on the base of the detector, remove the old bulb and click the new bulb securely into place with one simple movement.

Economical in use

Both the Safescan 50 and the Safescan 70 have the ingenious ‘warm-start’ technology: when you turn the detector on the bulb’s electrodes are preheated enabling the bulb to be switched on and off without reducing its useful life. The result: up to triple the UV bulb’s usual lifetime and reduced energy use.

Always have a spare bulb

Don’t give counterfeit currency a chance. Make sure you always have an extra UV bulb to hand.

Product code 955013
Brand Safescan®
EAN 8717496332912
Type S-50/70
Version Counterfeit banknote detector

Brand Safescan®

Safescan offers companies and shopkeepers a wide range of time registration systems, counterfeit money detectors, banknote and coin counting systems, currency counting scales, cash drawers and safes.

Active worldwide
Safescan, which was established in 2004, is a globally-operating company that supplies clever and secure tools for processing cash. Safescan also offers unique time registration systems for the optimum recording of staff attendance.

Security and precision
Safescan’s clients set great store by security, precision, user-convenience and efficiency. Safescan’s counterfeit money detectors protect entrepreneurs from fraud involving counterfeit banknotes and its counting machines and point-of-sale solutions ensure the efficient and effective processing of cash money. Safescan’s time registration systems stand out due to their intelligence and user-convenience.

International prizes
Safescan has already won a number of international prizes with its innovative product range – a range Safescan is continuously evolving on the basis of the latest developments in the fields of technology and design.


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