Safescan® Banknote counter, type: 2665-S, Plastic , grey

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The Safescan® 2665-S banknote counter counts sorted and unsorted banknotes extremely quickly and at the same time checks them for seven security features. Includes Safescan software.

Versatile Safescan 2665-S banknote counter

This reliable banknote counter will not only tell you the quantity and value of your banknotes extremely quickly, while it’s counting it will also check for any counterfeit banknotes. Place up to 500 sorted notes in any currency in the spacious front-loading hopper and the counter will automatically start counting at a speed of 800, 1,200 or 1,500 banknotes per minute.

Count six unsorted denominations

The Safescan 2665-S is unique because it can also count and add up the value of unsorted notes in six European currencies (EUR, CHF, PLN, SEK, NOK and DKK). The counter can also easily count sorted coupons and vouchers. As the conveniently-positioned hopper makes it possible for notes to be added while the counter is running the job is finished quicker.

100% counterfeit detection

While it’s counting the clever counter also checks, with 100% accuracy, the authenticity of 10 currencies: EUR (both the current euro notes and the new Europa series notes), GBP, USD, CHF, PLN, SEK, NOK, DKK, CZK and HUF. The counter checks these currencies for seven European Central Bank (ECB) security features: UV ink, infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, size, thickness and colour. Banknotes in other currencies can be checked for UV markings, magnetic ink and size (width).

Always up to date

De Safescan 2665-S complies with the most stringent security standards and is regularly tested by various central banks using the latest genuine and counterfeit banknotes. Updates to banknotes can be installed very simply using the USB port or microSD slot so you know your detector is always up-to-date and can detect the latest counterfeits with total accuracy.

Intuitive operation The stylishly designed, user-friendly counter has an intuitive numeric control panel with clearly labelled buttons. A large, clear LCD screen shows the number of notes counted plus the count and detection specifications you have selected.

Efficient cash drawer control

Do you need to know how much is in your cash drawer quickly? Press the Add button and the counter will automatically add up the totals of the different banknote counts. The fast and easy way to prepare batches of the required number of banknotes for your cash drawer or bank deposits. Simply press Batch, enter the number of banknotes you want per batch and the Safescan 2665-S will pause each time it has counted that number.

Print and export

Connect the Safescan 2665-S to the separately available Safescan TP-230 thermal printer and the complete results can be printed automatically. You can also export the data to the supplied Safescan Money Counting Software (MCS). This system gives you immediate insight into the relevant data and, via filters, detailed information per denomination, till or employee.

Three-year guarantee

The CE certificated Safescan 2665-S banknote counter complies with stringent quality standards and comes with a comprehensive three-year guarantee. It comes with a protective cover, a power cable, a cleaning and maintenance kit, the MCS software and a clear user’s manual.

Product code 955035
Brand Safescan®
EAN 8717496334640
Colour Grey
Material Plastic
Type 2665-S
Weights and measures
Length (cm) 26.2
Width (cm) 26.4
Height (cm) 24.8

Brand Safescan®

Safescan offers companies and shopkeepers a wide range of time registration systems, counterfeit money detectors, banknote and coin counting systems, currency counting scales, cash drawers and safes.

Active worldwide
Safescan, which was established in 2004, is a globally-operating company that supplies clever and secure tools for processing cash. Safescan also offers unique time registration systems for the optimum recording of staff attendance.

Security and precision
Safescan’s clients set great store by security, precision, user-convenience and efficiency. Safescan’s counterfeit money detectors protect entrepreneurs from fraud involving counterfeit banknotes and its counting machines and point-of-sale solutions ensure the efficient and effective processing of cash money. Safescan’s time registration systems stand out due to their intelligence and user-convenience.

International prizes
Safescan has already won a number of international prizes with its innovative product range – a range Safescan is continuously evolving on the basis of the latest developments in the fields of technology and design.


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