Salvequick Wound plaster, Textile, beige

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Fill your Salvequick plaster dispenser(s) with these already cut-to-size textile plasters and everyone can access and apply a plaster very quickly when needed.

Salvequick textile plasters refill pack

As an employer you are obliged to ensure emergency materials are available to your employees. Fill your Salvequick plaster dispenser(s) with refill packs of Salvequick plasters and small cuts and grazes can be dealt with immediately. Ensure the dispensers are always full and are always hanging in the same place. This will ensure everyone knows where to go for a plaster and, thanks to the one-handed access, everyone can take and apply a plaster to a wound even if there is no colleague around to assist.

Easy to refill

This refill pack comprises six boxes with 40 universal ventilating/breathable textile plasters in two commonly used sizes (24 plasters measuring 72 x 19 mm and 16 plasters measuring 72 x 25 mm). Refilling the dispenser is very easy: open the Salvequick plaster dispenser with the key supplied with the dispenser, remove the empty boxes and insert full boxes.

Only one hand needed

In the Salvequick plaster dispenser the cut-to-size universal plasters are literally hanging ready to be taken. Only one hand is needed to open the dispenser’s transparent protective flap and then, with the same hand, take out a plaster. This automatically pulls the protective foil loose on one side so the plaster can be applied directly to the wound.

Product code 694203
Brand Salvequick
EAN 7310610064440
Colour Beige
Country of origin Netherlands
Material Textile


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