Tonic stamper DEPA®, PS, 17cm, Black.

Do you serve your drinks with a slice of orange, lemon or lime? If so add these stylish black swizzle sticks.

A touch of class in the glass

These straight, black swizzle sticks add a touch of style to your cocktails, soft drinks, mixed drinks and fruit juices. The swizzle sticks enable your guests to choose how much fresh orange, lemon or lime juice they mix into their drinks and, at the same time, make your presentation even more chic.

Practical length

The swizzle sticks made of sturdy plastic can withstand knocks and are the ideal length for long drinks glasses. They are ideal for every food-service establishment and caterer and a boon at events, festivals and parties.

Also available in an elegant transparent version.

Product code 459929
Brand DEPA®
EAN 8710653062592
Colour Black
Material PS
Quantity per pallet 360
Quantity per pallet 288
Weights and measures
Length (cm) 17.0

Brand DEPA®

Its total range of disposables and packagings puts Depa Disposables in a unique position to help entrepreneurs within the food service and retail sectors to organise their operating processes more efficiently and effectively. There are good reasons why our Depa® brand is renowned for offering the right quality at the right price.

The client’s interests first
When putting Depa’s product range together the key factor is always the end users’ needs and wishes. Towards this end we combine a clear view of trends and developments at home and abroad with insights into the day-to-day business operations of entrepreneurs and employees in the food service and retail sectors. This has resulted in a range of innovative packaging solutions that stand out due to their optimum product presentation, maximum user convenience and sustainability.

Depa has supplied wholesalers and retailers with disposables and packaging since 1947. Our goal has always been the creation of profit for our clients. To achieve this Depa brainstorms with the customer and passes on the solutions that aid the successful sale of the products to end users and consumers.

Sustainability is one of Depa’s core values. We constantly seek new products, concepts and alternative packaging that have a lower environmental-impact. Towards this end we contribute actively towards achieving a sustainable food service and retail branch. This is expressed in a unique way through our Bright® brand.


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