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Fill voids in boxes effectively with these lightweight Wonderfil Wrap bags.

Perfect protection
Wonderfil Wrap bags are the perfect filling material for use in warehouses, webshops, offices and even the home. The bags are easy to inflate with air and are fully reusable. Fill the empty spaces in your boxes with the lightweight bags and your products will arrive at their destination undamaged.

Compact machine
The Wonderfil Wrap system was developed with simplicity as the guiding principle. To inflate the bags you need a small, compact machine that you fix to the wall. How much space does the machine require? Just 14 x 20 x 12.9 cm.

Automatic inflation
Hang the bags correctly under the machine, remove the red protection ribbon, press the button and the bags are inflated with air. Remove an inflated bag and the following bag is inflated automatically. This means you always have an inflated bag ready to hand and never need to wait.

Tips for use
Insert the products next to each other in one side of the box and fill the empty space in the box with Wonderfil Wrap bags. Roll up the inflated bags if you want to fill larger spaces. Lay the inflated bags in a flat layer over your products to fill empty space at the top of the box.

The economic Wonderfil Wrap bags are easy to reuse. Deflate the bags using a special ‘straw’ and they take up virtually no storage space and are ready to be re-inflated when needed. You can also inflate the bags without the machine simply by blowing them up like a balloon.

Available in two sizes.

Product code 107355
Brand Wonderfill®
EAN 08714215021652
Version Wonderfil Wrap-zak
Quantity per pallet 0
Weights and measures
Width (mm) 387
Length (mm) 267
Thickness (mm) 0.2


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