FillPak and PadPak are brands of the international Ranpak company. Under these brand names the packaging specialist manufactures and supplies various paper products for the manual, semi-automatic or automatic void filling, buffering, fixing and wrapping of goods for shipment. Optimum materials, systems and total concepts, maximum efficiency, low costs and a low material usage are the priorities for Ranpak.

Environmentally-responsible packing
Ranpak was established in 1972 as the first manufacturer of environmentally-responsible packing materials. Since then the company has expanded into an international expert in the paper packaging industry with over 500 employees around the world. Ranpak delivers high-quality packaging solutions to clients all over the world from its offices in North America (Ohio), Europe (the Netherlands) and Asia (Singapore).

Fill with FillPak and protect with PadPak
Filling the voids in boxes with airy and voluminous FillPak paper will ensure your products cannot shift around or be damaged in transit. The patented PadPak paper will provide optimum protection to breakable products that are packed in boxes manually: First crumple the paper into a robust, protective pad with high shock-absorbing properties and then wrap the pads around the product.

Fast processing
Both the FillPak and PadPak filling materials comprise one or two layers of sturdy, brown, FSC-certificated Kraft paper, supplied either on a roll or as fanfold paper. To make processing of the FillPak and PadPak filling paper extremely fast, Ranpak has developed handy machines. The FillPak TT table top converter, for example, folds FillPak fanfold paper into a shock-absorbing paper-star configuration that maximises volume for the fast and efficient filling of voids in boxes and other packaging.

PadPak® Filling material, Paper, 160m, 68cm,

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