Happy Easter

The most colourful festivity of the year

Easter and the colour yellow are inextricably linked. Various sources tell us that in times gone by people decorated their curtains with yellow lace to celebrate the arrival of spring. And today we still associate Easter with the start of spring, the days getting longer and birds sitting on their eggs.

Wrapped in their Easter best

Yellow isn’t the only colour we see a lot of around Easter. Other colours, such as pink, green and orange, are also synonymous with spring.

Naturally all these fresh colours are very much in evidence in our special Easter gift packaging. Brightly coloured wrapping paper, Easter ribbons and Easter labels, beautiful bonbon and Easter Egg boxes, other food packaging in cheery Easter versions: it’s an absolute certainty - this year it will be a happy, colourful Easter.


New LOVLY® Easter packaging

We have developed a beautiful selection of LOVLY gift packaging in fresh spring colours especially for Easter 2018.

Take, for example, the cheerfully striped but stylish Fancy Stripes wrapping paper. Or the versatile Marble Candy gift boxes and wrapping paper inspired by the look of regal marble but transformed into a contemporary design that gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild. New in our range is Dots & Circles, available in the on-trend colour combinations yellow-orange-black and pink-green-black. This style combines very well with the Marble and Fancy styles.

If you sell tasty Easter treats our webshop has everything you need to make your products the stars of the Easter parade. Our range of food packaging in the cheery Fleur design includes gift bags, Easter stollen boxes and four sizes of Easter Egg boxes.


Your range of LOVLY Easter packaging won’t be complete without our colourful Easter ribbons, labels and paper carrier bags in matching spring colours.


Creative Easter wrapping tip

Would you like a creative Easter wrapping tip?

If so take a look at our special ID-eas page full of inspiring wrapping tips for creating original and eye-catching Easter gift wrapping quickly and easily. Make sure your customers leave your shop with a beautifully wrapped Easter gift.

Happy customers guaranteed

Package every product in its Easter best with Paardekooper. Happy customers are guaranteed!

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