Retro drinking cups

Retro drinks cups

The Retro range is a total concept of drinks cups for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup and other hot drinks. The range comprises a series of stylish cardboard drinks cups with a look that radiates warmth, comfort and quality. The hallmark of the Retro range - the pattern of squares with an on-trend seventies character – makes these cups an asset for companies and (sports club) canteens.

The champion of cups

A sports club canteen can, of course, serve hot and cold drinks in a neutral cup. But now they can also serve drinks in Retro Sports cups – colourful, disposable drinks cups that make a post-game drink taste even better. For this special sports version we have chosen the colours red, white and blue in combination with images of various sports in orange. You can also order the cups printed with your own design, for example in the colours of your sports club and with your club’s logo.

A sustainable version

By serving coffee, tea and other hot drinks in Retro Verde cups you can stand out. Not just in sustainability, but also in style. The design of the cups, which is based on the jute sacks in which coffee beans are delivered to be roasted, evokes purity and warmth. This new range of cardboard cups is produced entirely on the basis of renewable raw materials and has a coating made from corn instead of oil. This means the cups can be totally degraded in industrial composting facilities.

A complete range

It’s all in the detail. Which is why the Retro concept includes stirrers, creamer sticks and sugar sticks packaged in attractive dispenser boxes printed with the same seventies design of squares as the cups. Handy matching lids for the cups are also available for customers who want their hot coffee, tea or soup to-go. Order the entire range for a successful and stylish wink at the past.


A selection from our extensive Retro range

Biodore®, Bio hot cup, Retro Verde, Karton und PLA, 100ml, 4oz, brown

Product code 450240
€ 5,45 /shrink, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Biodore®, Bio hot cup, Retro Verde, Karton und PLA, double-walled, 300ml, 10oz, green

Product code 450249
€ 4,85 /shrink, 40 pcs Excl. VAT