Atmospheric lighting for the food service sector

Candles for warmth and conviviality

Nothing is more inviting than a warm atmosphere inside and outside your establishment. With candles you can create this atmosphere in an instant, in every interior and on every terrace. Candles are synonymous with warmth, congeniality, relaxation and romance. Your guests will feel comfortable and welcome, whether they have come for dinner or just for a drink.

In our webshop you will find a wide range of candles for food service establishments. Will you opt for chunky pillar candles or elegant tapered dinner candles? Would you prefer candle holders in stylish ribbed-glass or in refined ‘coco glass’? And will you fill the holders with rustic tealights or with our economical, long-burning refills in cool colours? Out of doors the brilliant terrace candles and flame bowls do wonders. The dancing flames entice your guests to join the gathering.

Spheroid terrace candles

If you have a terrace you know terrace candles are a must have. The lights may be small, but they can be seen from a long way away and are an invitation to come and share the ambiance. Our range includes terrace candles in many colours and in both glass and sturdy plastic.


Glass terrace candles

The well-known spheroid terrace candles made of glass are available in six glowing colours. You can choose from white, red, lime green, amber, purple and orange. Of course you can also opt for a mix of colours. The candles burn for an amazing 70 hours, so are very low-maintenance, and although they are small in size, which means they take up very little space on the tables, they have a big effect.


Plastic terrace candles

Our spheroid terrace candles made of plastic have vertical ribs and are available in white plus several contemporary colours – red, lime green, aquamarine and orange – so you can choose the mood you want. The plastic terrace candles are slightly smaller than the glass versions so ideal for smaller tables. After they have been lit (make sure they are vertical) they will provide 60 hours of light and ambiance.


Create your own ambiance with refills and matching glassware

Decorate a Dutch festive occasion in red, white and blue. At Easter herald the coming of spring with green and yellow. With refills you can create the atmosphere you want in an instant.

Fill your candle holders with a different colour and you will have the perfect look for every occasion. Our refills burn for around 24 hours, so no need to replace them halfway through the evening. They are also odourless, which is nice for guests. There are 14 colours for you to choose from.

Candle holders made of ribbed glass

Your refills will look their best in our matching glass candle holders. Our square, ribbed glass candle holders will give your restaurant or bar a warm, professional look. The dishwasher-proof candle holder makes a sturdy but stylish decoration on every table, cabinet or windowsill. Opt for transparent or milk-white whichever you prefer.

Refined ‘coco glass’ candle holders

If your aim is a more refined and contemporary look our round, unique ‘coco glass’ candle holders are what you need. Insert your refills in these sturdy candle holders to add a chic touch to your lobby, counter or windowsills. Stand them alone or in groups of the three versions – transparent, milk-white and warm-white. Success guaranteed.


Sparkling tea lights

Paardekooper is also the address for tea lights. These sparkling atmosphere-makers are an essential in the food-service sector.

Use them in candle holders for atmosphere or in chafing dishes to keep food hot. Our tealights are made of 100% paraffin and are available in six, eight and even ten hour versions.


Robust pillar candles

Pillar candles have a robust, rugged look. They look good in combinations of several sizes as well as on their own in a statement-piece candle holder or candlestick.

Pillar candles have perfect burning properties and burn for 17 to 90 hours depending on the size. Opt for pure white or ivory.


Tapered dinner candles

Tapered dinner candles are the classics among candles and bring style and elegance to every table setting.

Opt for serene white or ivory, or make a statement with burgundy or even black. Everything is possible. The candles burn for around eight hours so no need to change the candles during the evening.


Flame bowls with dancing flames

Dancing flames along your driveway, on your terrace or in front of your party hall, wherever you place these flame bowls they will bid your guests a warm welcome.

Thanks to the chunky wick the terracotta bowl can cope with a light breeze or a gentle rain shower. The flame bowls can be used several times. Simply cover them with a lid or board and they will extinguish themselves ready to be relit on the next occasion.

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Q-Lights®, Terraskaars, Ø100mm, 100mm, amber

Product code 27-922-12-56
€ 14,95 /doos à 12 stuks Excl. VAT

Candle holder Q-Lights®, square, ribbelglas, 98mm, helder

Product code 27-910-06-00
€ 14,70 /doos à 6 stuks Excl. VAT

Q-Lights®, Vlamschaal, Ø230mm, 65mm, ivory

Product code 27-941-09-50
€ 29,25 /doos à 9 stuks Excl. VAT

Navullingen Q-Lights®, Paraffine, 64mm, transparent

Product code 27-911-60-01
€ 25,20 /doos à 60 stuks Excl. VAT

Candle holder Q-Lights®, Glass. 75mm, milk White

Product code 27-917-08-01
€ 11,60 /box, 8 pcs Excl. VAT

Q-Lights®, Terraskaars, Ø90mm, 98mm, limoengroen

Product code 27-930-18-30
€ 19,80 /doos à 18 stuks Excl. VAT

Navullingen Q-Lights®, Paraffine, 64mm, pink

Product code 27-911-60-70
€ 25,20 /doos à 60 stuks Excl. VAT

Q-Lights®, Gotische kaars, Ø23mm, 250mm, white

Product code 27-158-00-01
€ 26,69 /doos à 100 stuks Excl. VAT

Navullingen Q-Lights®, Paraffine, 64mm, transparent

Product code 27-911-60-01
€ 25,20 /doos à 60 stuks Excl. VAT

Q-Lights®, Terraskaars, Ø90mm, 98mm, aqua blauw

Product code 27-930-18-34
€ 19,80 /box, 18 pcs Excl. VAT

Navullingen Q-Lights®, Paraffine, 64mm, aqua blauw

Product code 27-911-60-34
€ 25,20 /doos à 60 stuks Excl. VAT

Q-Lights®, Stompkaars, Ø80mm, 150mm, ivory

Product code 27-841-00-50
€ 2,09 /piece Excl. VAT