AirPET® menu containers: the sustainable alternative for CPET


If you use traditional CPET menu containers and trays to package your fresh ready-to-eat meals you now have a sustainable alternative.

Less plastic and more recycling

AirPET is a revolutionary solution in the move towards reducing the volume of plastic used and plastic waste.

Not only do these new generation menu containers use 30% less material than traditional CPET meal containers, they are also made of a single material so can be recycled in their entirety. Switching to AirPET containers is, therefore, a smart way to reduce your plastic usage and, at the same time, operate in a measurably more environmentally-aware way.


The advantages of AirPET compared to CPET

  • Produced using 30% less material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Freezer, oven and microwave proof (from -20 to +200 degrees Celsius)
  • Can be taken out of the oven or microwave with bare hands (thanks to cool-touch technology)
  • Improved insulation properties so products cool down more slowly
  • Can be closed with both a lid and topseal
  • When sealing: good barrier characteristics to safeguard shelf-life

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High and low temperature proof

AirPET, like CPET, is lightweight, extremely strong and can withstand both low and high temperatures.

These properties enable food-safe AirPET dishes to go in the freezer, oven and microwave with no problems and makes them idea for packaging, storing and heating all kinds of fresh meals. AirPET is better than CPET when it comes to insulating properties, so your meals remain cold, or hot, for longer.


No oven gloves needed

Another important difference between AirPET and CPET is that only the contents of an AirPET packaging become hot – the container itself remains cool.
Thanks to this ‘cool-touch technology’ the menu containers can be taken out of the oven or microwave with bare hands without fingers being burned. And thanks to their excellent grip the containers are also easily taken out of the freezer.

Stylish and versatile

The AirPET menu containers are an ideal basis for packaging all kinds of fresh meals.

Their anthracite grey colour gives them an eye-catching stylish look that will not look out of place in either a restaurant or a delicatessen shop. You can choose whether to close the containers with separate, click-on lids or to protect the contents with a topseal film. Using a topseal film will extend the shelf life of your fresh products.


A wide range

Our range includes AirPET menu containers in various sizes and models:
From one-compartment containers for a single dish to containers with two or three compartments for complete meals. Order now and experience the advantages of AirPET for yourself (and your customers).

Close securely in an instant with a topseal machine

If you have opted to close your AirPET menu containers with heat-resistant closure film, or as it is generally called – a topseal, a manual sealing machine is an ideal way to manually seal your filled 1, 2 and 3 compartment menu dishes.

With the professional MetalPack topseal machine, for example, ensuring a hygienic, air-tight and leak-proof seal around the individual menu compartments and the outside edge of the dish takes just seconds. Your dishes and ready-to-eat meals will be effectively and efficiently packaged and easy to store, transport and offer for sale.

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MetalTech, Handsealmachine, T325, 220-240v,

Product code 510152
€ 2.275,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Bowl, Gefoamd AirPET®, 187x137x35mm, anthracite

Product code 456950
€ 84,95 /box, 600 pcs Excl. VAT

inlegring 3 vaks tbv T190/T290/T325

Product code 510170
€ 137,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Bowl, Gefoamd AirPET®, 227x178x43mm, anthracite

Product code 456953
€ 132,95 /box, 600 pcs Excl. VAT

Lid, PET, 227x178mm, transparent

Product code 456955
€ 53,95 /box, 300 pcs Excl. VAT

Bowl, Gefoamd AirPET®, 187x137x50mm, anthracite

Product code 456951
€ 89,95 /box, 576 pcs Excl. VAT

MetalTech, Handsealmachine, T290, 220-240v,

Product code 510151
€ 1.547,50 /piece Excl. VAT

MetalTech, Handsealmachine, T190, 220-240v,

Product code 510150
€ 974,50 /piece Excl. VAT

Bowl, Gefoamd AirPET®, 227x178x43mm, anthracite

Product code 456952
€ 132,95 /box, 600 pcs Excl. VAT

inlegring 2 vaks tbv T190/T290/T325

Product code 510172
€ 137,95 /piece Excl. VAT

Bowl, Gefoamd AirPET®, 227x178x43mm, anthracite

Product code 456954
€ 132,95 /box, 600 pcs Excl. VAT

Lid, PET, 187x137mm, transparent

Product code 456956
€ 115,95 /box, 936 pcs Excl. VAT