Kids concept

Add your youngest visitors to your list of loyal customers. Our Kids concept with its exciting, playful packaging for loose snacks or a complete kid’s meal has been developed with children in mind. The ‘play packaging’ is covered with lively illustrations, games and riddles. And as you know – if the kids are happy so are the parents!

Ideal for healthy snacks

The Kids concept packaging range can be used for different applications. The PET beaker, for example, is suitable for cold drinks or shakes, but also for healthy fruit juices. The snack sheets can wrap a roll with a hot snack or a roll filled with cheese. The universal snack bag can be filled with fries or with vegetable sticks of a piece of fruit. And the entire kid’s menu will look appetising and fun in the matching carrier bag.

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Puzzles and games

Give your (young) customers their meal in one of these cheery, playful snack carrier bags. Children will enjoy the challenging puzzles and games, including ‘what’s the difference’ and ‘how many children’. The puzzles and games are aimed at children aged between four and ten, but you’ll see that older children just can’t resist solving them.

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An attractive kid’s menu

The Kids concept articles combine very well with the products in our I’M a COOL concept or I’M a SNACK concept: the trendy colours match perfectly. Tip: your kid’s menu will be extra attractive if it is presented in one of our kids’ boxes along with a toy or the opportunity to pick something out of the lucky dip. Take a look at our range of mini-toys and lucky dip mixes right now.

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A selection from our Kidsconcept range

Cadeaumix licentiespeelgoed

Product code 22-11071
€ 105,00 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

grabbelton speeltjes assorti

Product code 860999
€ 22,95 /box, 96 pcs Excl. VAT

Grabbeltonmix in cadeaudoos

Product code 22-11000
€ 24,00 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Kidsbox, Cardboard, Kids' concept, 95x226x120mm

Product code 880982
€ 43,95 /box, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Luxueuze cadeaumix

Product code 22-11070
€ 95,00 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT


Product code 22-11010
€ 93,00 /box, 300 pcs Excl. VAT