100%eco hygiene products

How green is your company? More and more organisations are doing their utmost to operate as sustainably as possible and with its range of unique hygiene products, such as serviettes, toilet paper and hand towel rolls, 100%eco is helping you make your company more sustainable. The 100% recycled products are produced using wind-energy, the minimal quantity of water and without any trees being chopped down. In a nutshell, in a way that has the lowest possible environmental-impact and disturbs the natural resources as little as possible.Do you attach importance to the sustainability of your hygiene products? We offer a total range of toilet paper, paper hand towels, tissues and serviettes. The products are available in an unbleached ‘Moka’ (mocha) version and a white, chlorine-free bleached version. Naturally we also supply dispensers for the products.


How do you recognise the most environmentally-responsible serviettes on the market? It’s easy – just look at the colour. Cascades Moka® (mocha) serviettes are made of 100% unbleached, recycled fibres. Not bleaching the fibres reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to traditional white serviettes. But if you are one of the people who would rather offer their guests white serviettes, don’t worry. We also offer an environmentally-responsible, chlorine-free bleached version. The serviettes emerge from the dispenser one at a time. This is both hygienic (you only touch your own serviette) and economical – on average you save at least 25% in waste and costs.

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Toilet paper

100%eco’s toilet paper is soft and comfortable to use. It also degrades very quickly and is suitable for septic tanks. Although each roll contains twice as many sheets as a ‘normal’ roll, so lasts a long time, the 100eco toilet rolls fit every standard toilet roll holder. The white, chlorine-free bleached paper is made entirely from recycled paper. The beige-coloured, unbleached ‘Moka’ version is made from old paper and used cardboard. Both versions are made using a unique process that delivers the lowest environmental-impact in the world.

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Hand towel paper

100%eco’s hand towel paper is strong, dries hands fast and comes in two sustainable versions: chlorine-free bleached white (made from used paper) and completely unbleached mocha-coloured with a 100% sustainable look (‘Moka’, made from old paper and used cardboard). When combined with a hand towel dispenser these hand towels ensure hands can be dried thoroughly and hygienically with the minimum use of paper. Years of experience have shown that the resulting annual savings average between 25 and 60%. Test this for yourself in your own environment with no obligation.

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Een selectie uit ons uitgebreide 100%eco-assortiment

100%eco Napkin, Paper, 22x33cm, white

Product code 611203
€ 64,95 /box, 6016 pcs Excl. VAT

Tissue 100%eco paper, 19x21,7cm, beige

Product code 680505
€ 34,95 /box, 3000 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco Napkin, Paper, Ongebleekt, 33x22cm, beige

Product code 611201
€ 61,95 /box, 32 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco, Toilet paper, 2-ply, 10cm, 52m, Select, white

Product code 680511
€ 49,95 /packet, 48 roll Excl. VAT

100%eco Toilet paper dispenser, PS, 31cm, beige

Product code 509072
€ 28,75 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco Hand towel, Hand towel roll, Paper, 19cm, 236m, beige

Product code 680501
€ 52,50 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco Hand towel dispenser, matic manueel,

Product code 509070
€ 45,95 /piece Excl. VAT
€ 27,70 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco Serviette dispenser, PS, servOne, 17cm, beige

Product code 509069
€ 14,25 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco, Toilet paper, 2-ply, Ongebleekt, 11cm, 38m, Perform, beige

Product code 680503
€ 43,95 /box, 80 pcs Excl. VAT