Your packaging as a gift

Do you enjoy amazing your customers with exclusive and varying gift packaging? Opt for the unique LOVLY® range of gift packaging and you are opting for the trendsetter in stylish, festive and eye-catching packaging for all your deluxe gift articles. Give your gifts that extra finishing touch and make your packaging a gift in its own right.

Lovly offers a complete range of original gift packaging and decorations in diverse stylish designs and colours.

The colourful materials are ideal for wrapping and adding the finishing, decorative touch to the most varied products and the different styles and colours can also be combined to create your own, individual look. There’s a very good reason why we say: “All you need is Lovly”.


Recognisable but still surprising

The Lovly styles are inspired by current, international trends in branches such as fashion, furnishings, food and art and vary from rugged, chic and ‘boho’ to exotic, vintage and edgy.

To keep abreast of current trends and developments we regularly add new, fresh styles in the Lovly concept and add new articles to the existing Lovly styles. This continuous evolution ensures Lovly remains a contemporary range of packaging with recognisable but still surprising designs with which you are guaranteed to amaze and delight your customers.

Inspiration for all occasions

The inspiring Lovly range includes a complete collection of gift wrapping materials including gift bags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, decorations, carrier bags and labels. The versatility of the styles and the various packaging items makes Lovly the perfect packaging range for many branches, including fashion, home & living, wine shops, consumer electronics, DIY, household articles, jewellers, drugstores, perfumeries, delicatessen and confectioners.

This season we are expanding our successful range by adding several amazing new styles: playful Dots & Circles, contemporary Mixed up, rugged Denim, heart-warming Romance and inspiring Naturals. With such a wide range and so much variety, finding the right style (or styles) for you will not be a problem.


From wrapping paper to gift box

Wrap your gifts in one of the trendy styles of double-sided wrapping paper, or create an exciting or stylish packaging by mixing and matching different designs.

Package small gifts in an instant in a handy Lovly gift bag. Opt for easy packaging and an extra chic look with the pop-up boxes with satin ribbon and the high-gloss folding boxes with a magnetic closure. Everything is available in different sizes, versions and colours. What makes Lovly unique is that the packaging is also available in small quantities.

The finishing touch has not been forgotten…

Your gifts will be even more appealing if you give some thought to the finishing touches.

So, make your gift packaging complete with our beautiful, coloured curling ribbon and one of our festive labels. And once they’re wrapped you can, of course, give your customers their packaged gifts in an eye-catching, matching Lovly carrier bag.

A selection from our extensive Lovly range

LOVLY® Gift voucher, 13x13cm

Product code 730836
€ 32,50 /set, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Ribbon, 10mm, 250m, mint/Wit/Terra

Product code 711328
€ 5,50 € 3,95 /packet, 3 roll Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 50cm, 200m, 60gr/m², Naturals veren, 795, naturel/Wit

Product code 347955
€ 39,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 30cm, 200m, 80gr/m², Denim drift, blue

Product code 349413
€ 21,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Label, Paper, A gift for you, ∅40mm, white

Product code 548216
€ 9,95 /roll, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 50cm, 200m, 80gr/m², Chevron, terra/Groen

Product code 340075
€ 31,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 50cm, 200m, Leafs, green

Product code 340085
€ 49,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Label, Paper, Speciaal voor jou/van mij, 30x30mm, red/White

Product code 548227
€ 9,95 /roll, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 50cm, 200m, Dots & Circles, orange/Yellow

Product code 340045
€ 49,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift-wrapping paper, 50cm, 200m, 70gr/m², Hearts, white/Red

Product code 340015
€ 59,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Bag, Giftbag, PAP/PE, 15x23cm, Romance Bow , white/Red

Product code 263297
€ 12,95 /shrink, 25 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Label, Paper, A gift for you, ∅40mm, brown/White

Product code 548221
€ 9,95 /roll, 500 pcs Excl. VAT