Don’t give counterfeit cash a chance

SafescanThese days it’s impossible to detect whether a bank note is genuine or counterfeit with the naked eye. Luckily the Safescan counterfeit banknote detectors cannot be fooled. With a compact and well-designed detector next to the till you can verify the authenticity of banknotes very quickly and with 100% certainty. The portable UV detectors are easy to take with you to the market or an event so that wherever you are you can accept cash with confidence. Many of the Safescan-detectors check not only banknotes but also credit cards, passports and other ID cards. This makes them ideal for access control at events: just place the document under the UV lamp and the security features are visible instantly.

Safescan’s most advanced counterfeit banknote detector even recognises the best ever forgery – the ‘superdollar’!


Count (and sort) your banknotes and coins efficiently

Counting the money is always a nice job. But it’s also a job that demands a lot of time and concentration because you really don’t want to make any mistakes.

Safescan has a comprehensive range of handy coin counters, coin sorters, banknote counters and coin counting/weighing machines that count your coins, banknotes and even vouchers and bills extremely quickly and with guaranteed 100% accuracy. The smart coin counter also sorts the coins at the same time and separates them into handy batches. Banknotes are simultaneously counted and checked for authenticity. Link the machine to your software to very easily add up batches and print-out a detailed report. Your cash is made up quickly and faultlessly and you can go home on time.

Store your money safely

Employees feel safer if they can store cash safely immediately.

Safescan offers a range of strong and sustainable POS safes and accessories for storing your cash quickly, safely and faultlessly in every location and situation. There are flip-top cash drawers and large-format cash drawers with either an electronic or manual opening system and, if wished, a slot for banknotes to limit the financial damage in the event of theft from the cash drawer. The loose inserts enable you to arrange the cash drawers in the most convenient way for you. For optimum security add a lockable lid, separate lockable drawer or solid steel POS banknote safe. Most of the till systems can be integrated with your POS system and have unique security keys.


100% assurance for new banknotes and security features

New Euro banknotes with improved security features are issued on a regular basis, so it’s important that your equipment recognises the new features immediately.

Well before the new banknotes are issued you can download, free of charge, the latest Safescan software to update your counterfeit banknote detector, banknote counter and cash scales. The software complies with the most stringent safety standards and is fully tested by the European Central Bank (ECB). This means you can continue counting, sorting and verifying your banknotes with maximum assurance.

New € 100 and € 200 banknotes

On 28 May 2019 the European Central Bank (ECB) put new 100 and 200 Euro banknotes into circulation. These notes have several new security features, such as a special emerald green number and a hologram of tiny Euro symbols.

The banknote design also includes a portrait of the mythological figure, Europa. These updated € 100 and € 200 banknotes complete the new Europa series. Denominations of the new banknotes released earlier were 50 Euro (April 2017), 20 Euro (November 2015), 10 euro (September 2014) and 5 Euro (May 2013). With the Safescan counterfeit banknote detectors, banknote counters and coin counting/weighing machines plus the free software downloads you can continue to be sure new Euro notes can be counted and checked for authenticity.


A selection from our extensive Safescan range

Safescan® Counterfeit money detector, type: 155-S, black

Product code 955033
€ 109,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Safescan® Banknote counter, type: 2250, Plastic , grey

Product code 955019
€ 295,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Safescan® Cash drawer, type: SD-4141, cash drawer, 12v, black

Product code 955030
€ 99,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Safescan® Banknote counter, type: 2665-S, Plastic , grey

Product code 955035
€ 759,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Safescan® Safe, type: 4100, black.

Product code 955025
€ 59,00 /piece Excl. VAT

Safescan® Coin counter, Plastic , type: 1250, grey

Product code 955034
€ 199,00 /piece Excl. VAT