Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping for the autumn

Have you already decided how you are going to wrap gifts this autumn? Let yourself be inspired by our new colours, materials, styles and designs. Compile your own collection that reflects the ambiance of your shop from our enormous offering of gift packaging and decorative materials and you and your customers will enjoy creative and inspirational gift packaging throughout the whole of autumn and the festive season. And if your customer wants to leave the choice of gift to the recipient? Not a problem, you can stay ‘on style’ because our range now includes gift vouchers in designs that match our gift packaging.

Boxes and bags for fast and fabulous packaging

Irresistible gift wrapping in an instant - it is possible with our gift bags, gondola boxes and gift boxes.

You can choose from fast envelope bags in (almost) every imaginable colour and size, our new bottle bags decorated with Christmas trees, versatile blocked-bottom bags made of Kraft paper with a decorative garland (also new), gorgeous gondola boxes for small gifts and beautifully finished folding boxes ... to give you just a few ideas. Purchases all wrapped? Then pack all the festive packages in a matching and equally festive (and practical) paper carrier bag.

Don’t forget to look at the newest additions to the LOVLY® range, such as the glossy, striped Dots pop-up boxes. Fantastic whichever way you look at them!


You can never have enough wrapping paper and film

Every year we develop new wrapping paper designs that reflect the current trends for Sinterklaas and Christmas.

This autumn we are once again offering a wide variety of Sinterklaas wrapping paper with original prints. And when it comes to Christmas, whatever you’re looking for - luxurious, traditional, subtle or exuberant - you’ll find it in our collection.

A sustainable Christmas? We’ve thought of that as well. Especially for Christmas we have developed a series of LOVLY® wrapping paper and supplementary packaging products made of sturdy Kraft paper printed with simple but stylish designs that radiate a natural beauty. And for making gifts of flowers or plants even more alluring you can choose from many different crystal-clear wrapping films.


All you need is LOVLY

Do you find a clearly defined and recognisable style appealing? Do you want to be able to achieve this by having wrapping paper, bottle packaging, blocked-bottom bags and gift boxes in the same design?

If so then all you need is LOVLY. Our contemporary LOVLY range has become a favourite in many shops. And because we are continuously extending our range of styles, designs and articles you can very easily mix & match your own range and look of gift packaging.

This autumn wrapping is going to be more creative than ever

It’s the finishing touches to the packaging that that turn a gift into something really special. Our range of materials for styling and decorating gift packaging is endless.

It includes (curling) ribbons in many colours and widths, stickers with texts for various occasions, ready-to-use bows, colourful star bows, playful and elegant corsages, wooden hangers and all kinds of other festive, luxurious and personal decorations.

If you could use some new ideas for wrapping your Sint and Christmas gifts why not register for one of our creative and inspiring wrapping workshops and discover the latest wrapping and packaging tips & tricks.


Gorgeous reusable carrier bags

You’re guaranteed to carry the day with your customers with our exclusive reusable carrier bags.

Our range offers a choice of deluxe paper carrier bags, trendy bags made of jute, canvas or felt and handy non-woven shoppers in many different colours. Or how about the gorgeous carrier bags with gold and white chevron strips from our contemporary LOVLY® range. Whichever bags you choose make sure they ensure your company is seen and recognised. Have your paper and reusable bags printed with your own design. It’s possible when you order just 100 or more pieces.

A selection from our extensive range of gift wrapping

LOVLY® Bag, Chevron, Paper, With cord, 18x 8x22cm, paper carrier bag, white/Gold

Product code 270425
€ 18,15 /shrink, 25 pcs Excl. VAT

Ballotin, cardboard, 250gr. black

Product code 485391
€ 22,00 /packet, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Dots & Stripes, Cardboard, 10x10x10cm, pop-up, black/Gold

Product code 496900
€ 19,95 /shrink, 25 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift voucher, 13x13cm

Product code 730837
€ 32,50 /set, 50 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 35,95 /roll, average 200 m Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Bag, Block bottom bag, Pulp, 18/ 10x31cm, Kerstkrans, brown

Product code 773291
€ 4,95 /shrink, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Gift box, Wave, Cardboard, 20cm, Ø25cm, white/Gold

Product code 496910
€ 5,95 /piece Excl. VAT

LOVLY® Label, Paper, A gift for you, ∅40mm, white

Product code 548216
€ 9,95 /roll, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Ribbon, 10mm, 250m, Komodo, white/Gold

Product code 777572
€ 10,95 /spool Excl. VAT