You’ve never seen so much to inspire you

How can we inspire you?

What you can do with the versatile products in our extensive range will amaze you. At Paardekooper we are brimming with ideas and we’d be delighted to share these ideas with you. To help you get started we have put together a number of inspiration pages full of creative suggestions, inspiring tips and beautiful photos. And every page includes many examples of products from our webshop so you can order them immediately.


Take a look at our packaging pages if you are looking for inspiration for clever mailing solutions, packaging with your own printing in small quantities and creative gift packaging for every day or for specific occasions and seasons.


When it comes to disposables our inspiration is (almost) unlimited. Classic, trendy, practical, luxurious or sustainable – there is always a disposable series that is just right for you. Take a look at all the options and keep coming back for another look because we never stop developing new, challenging concepts.

Hygiene products

Our range of hygiene products includes numerous professional solutions for fast and efficient cleaning, personal hygiene and the hygienic and attractive equipping of all kinds of area. Let yourself be inspired.

Even more inspiration

As a company you can never have too much inspiration. Luckily the stream of inspiration from Paardekooper just keeps on flowing. If you’re looking for eye-catching, reliable, economical or original ideas and solutions for your company take a look at these pages on a regular basis.