Q-Lights® is a brand of the Noord-Brabant candle specialist Van Uden Kaarsen BV. Since 1975 this company has produced, and supplied to countries both within and outside Europe, a unique range of candles for a variety of sectors and applications, such as food service, churches, floristry, the gift sector and the business gift branch.

Produced in-house
Every day Van Uden Kaarsen’s skilled employees produce a wide range of high-quality candles in the Company’s own production facility. The individual orders fulfilled in this facility, which is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and technologies, can range from hundreds of candles to a hundred thousand candles.

A large range of candles for the food service sector
With functionality and ambiance as priorities Van Uden Kaarsen developed a varied range of candles especially for the food service sector. Q-Lights brand candles vary from traditional tapered dinner candles to on-trend terrace candles, from sturdy pillar candles to chic glass candle holders with loose (different coloured) refills, and from practical tealights to atmospheric flame bowls. In a nutshell – whatever type of candle you are looking for you will find it in the Q-Lights food service collection.

Various models
The Q-Lights brand offers food service specialists candles for both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of heights and widths, with varying burn duration and in a kaleidoscope of colours. Q-Lights food service candles add atmosphere and warmth to many restaurants, hotels, cafés and other public occasions. Without Q-Lights candles the food service landscape would be very dark indeed!

Q-lights original refills transparant

Product code 647104
€ 9,95 /tray à 25 stuks Excl. VAT

Candle holder Q-Lights®, square, ribbelglas, 98mm, helder

Product code 647103
€ 14,75 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT