Suma®, a brand of manufacturer Diversey Care, offers a range of professional cleaning products that help companies comply with HACCP guidelines, such as alcohol wipes, coffee machine cleaners, manual washing up liquid, chlorine tablets, washing up brushes, dish washer detergent, glass cleaners and interior cleaners.

Effective and economical
Suma products are very effective, economical and efficient in use and, where necessary, combine cleaning with disinfecting. The products are extensively tested and researched and meet all the specifications in the fields of safety, environmental-responsibility and ergonomics.

Sealed Air
Diversey Care is part of the American Sealed Air concern. In addition to cleaning products Sealed Air supplies various packaging solutions for a number of product groups and branches.

€ 100,90 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 38,95 /can Excl. VAT
€ 75,10 € 72,90 /box, 2 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 99,95 /can Excl. VAT

Suma Washing-up liquid, 4l

Product code 509247
€ 171,95 € 160,15 /box, 3 pcs Excl. VAT

Suma Washing-up liquid, 1l

Product code 509190
€ 21,20 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT

suma freeze D2.9 can 5 liter

Product code 509167
€ 73,95 € 65,85 /piece Excl. VAT
€ 32,70 /bottle Excl. VAT
€ 112,05 /box, 12 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 7,70 /bottle Excl. VAT

Suma Washing-up liquid, 10l

Product code 509122
€ 81,80 /piece Excl. VAT

Suma Washing-up liquid,

Product code 509099
€ 131,65 /box, 4 pcs Excl. VAT