With 100%eco we offer a unique range of products from a brand that stands for 100% sustainability, 100% reliability and 100% transparency. No wonder we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of this forward-thinking brand.

A total range
100%eco supplies a total range of sustainably-produced toilet paper, hand towel paper, kitchen paper, serviettes and tissues plus a complementary range of attractive and practical dispensers. In fact, all the products you need to fully equip your entire toilet area, kitchen and/or workplace in an environmentally-responsible way.

A reliable alternative
We want to offer everyone who cares about our planet’s future a 100% reliable alternative - 100%eco. 100%eco’s aim is to leave as small a possible footprint on our planet. Which is why 100%eco’s products are produced not only totally sustainably with, as a result, major savings in water, trees and energy, but also with the absolute minimum of CO2 emissions.

No trees felled
100%eco’s paper is produced by Cascades. This Canadian company is not only one of the world’s largest paper manufacturers, it is also the most sustainable. Cascades uses 100% wind energy and its paper is produced without a single tree being felled. Cascades began producing recycled toilet paper back in 1964 – over 50 years ago – and since then has worked in accordance with its mission: “To seek innovative solutions that will protect nature and people every moment of every day”. You can hear and see more about Cascades in this short film.

Honest and complete
The growing concern regarding the environment led us to take the deliberate decision to opt for an ecological brand that works solely with recycled raw materials and that also provides honest and complete information about what you are buying. Cascades’ products are transported to Europe by ship (which has a far lower environmental-impact than transport by road or air) and 100%eco takes great care to ensure that every product claim is totally honest.

100%eco, Toilet paper, 2-ply, 10cm, 52m, Select, white

Product code 680511
€ 54,95 /packet, 48 roll Excl. VAT

Tissue 100%eco paper, 19x21,7cm, beige

Product code 680505
€ 38,45 /box, 3000 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco, Toilet paper, 2-ply, Ongebleekt, 10cm, 88m, Perform, beige

Product code 680504
€ 49,45 /box, 24 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco, Toilet paper, 2-ply, Ongebleekt, 11cm, 38m, Perform, beige

Product code 680503
€ 48,35 /box, 80 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco Hand towel, Hand towel roll, Paper, 19cm, 236m, beige

Product code 680501
€ 57,75 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco Napkin, Paper, 22x33cm, white

Product code 611203
€ 64,95 /box, 6016 pcs Excl. VAT

100%eco Napkin, Paper, Ongebleekt, 33x22cm, beige

Product code 611201
€ 61,95 /box, 32 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 30,45 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco Toilet paper dispenser, PS, 31cm, beige

Product code 509072
€ 31,60 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco Hand towel dispenser, matic manueel,

Product code 509070
€ 50,55 /piece Excl. VAT

100%eco Serviette dispenser, PS, servOne, 17cm, beige

Product code 509069
€ 14,25 /piece Excl. VAT