Are you going to opt for glass or clear as glass? Our attractive glass jars with metal screw-on lids are ideal for the airtight closure and safe storage of liquids, fruit purees and fruit preserves. Stick on a label with the production date and store the filled jars in a cool and dark place. Our jars made of crystal-clear plastic are the on-trend way to serve fresh fruit juices and fruit smoothies. Add a straw if the cool drink is going to be consumed immediately on your terrace or next to your food truck. Add a screw-on lid (available separately) to close the jar hygienically and securely if the drink is to be taken away and enjoyed later.

Must go

Tub, Glass, Ø98.3mm, 208mm, transparent

Product code 449061
€ 821,50 /pallet Excl. VAT

Tub, plastic tub, APET, square, 970ml, transparent

Product code 448968
€ 293,65 /pallet Excl. VAT

Tub, plastic tub, APET, round, 250ml, transparent

Product code 448934
€ 702,10 /pallet Excl. VAT